GPS & Sat Nav Resources

GPS & Sat Nav Resources

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Motorcycle GPS SatNav System Installation

Glossary of terms – GPS, SatNav & Maps

GPS SatNav World Maps

Sharing Your GPS Tracks & Sat Nav Routes

Creating GPS encoded photographs for free

GPS Drawing! (plus BMW GPS Drawing challenge and demo videos)

GPS, PhotoMapper & Google Earth

Garmin MapSource Resources & Tutorials

Gadgetguy – huge range of GPS mounts & brackets for most motorcycles – more info

GPS Sat Nav Power Connection (R1200GS, possibly all R1200 series BMW)

Garmin Zumo 660 Cradle – Wiring Loom / Cables Modification

Garmin Zumo Page

Garmin’s Motorcycle Sat Nav Systems – Zumo 550 & Zumo 660 Compared

Garmin GPS Security Screw

ITNConv – GPS maps & format conversion utility

TYRE TomTom GoogleMaps Utility

Migsel – GPS Sat Nav Motorcycle Mounts

WinGDB GPS Software Utility – Convert Tracks to Routes and Vice Versa

Zumo Startup Splash Screen Images

GPS & SatNav Jargon Buster (below)

GPS & SatNav Links

Garmin POI Loader

Coordinate Converter – Use this online tool to convert your coordinates from Latitude / Longitude to UTM and vise versa. (UTM Universal Transverse Mercator, zone based metric grid) –
A place to share all kinds of Navigational Points of Interest for the whole of Europe and the USA. Members from this site have the ability to add, change and download these POIs easily. We have an active community of members throughout Europe and the USA who contribute to a large database of Pois catering for all types of travelers.

PoiEdit –
This freeware program enables you to manage and edit all of your POI files. Runs on the desktop PC.
Garmin Zumo owners discussion group covering all aspects of using your Zumo and Garmins mapping software, MapSource
Garmin Z??mo® GPS Wiki – FAQ ‘how to’ articles and information on the Garmin Z??mo® range of SatNavs: Zumo 400, 450, 500 and 550 motorcycle GPS receivers.
New resource (Jun2008) by ECM (Ton) of ZumoForums & ukGSer ECM has put together a wikispaces website for gathering information about Zumo’s. This is also the place for FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (and answers!) from Zumoforums.
The GarminZumo WikiSpaces Website is continuing to build and serves as the Zumo forum’s “knowledgebase”. Anyone can view these WikiSpaces (without registering) but you can also become a writer/editor yourself if you like!! (you have to register at WikiSpaces). Together we can build and maintain the worlds best Zumo resouce. Please help in creating the GarminZumo WikiSpaces at the Garmin Zumo WikiSpaces Website

The UK SpeedTrap Guide –

UK Speed Cameras – all the latest speed camera news stories in one place – Speed camera locations, news, speed camera detector reviews, comparisons.

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GPS & SatNav Jargon Buster:

What is SatNav (Sat Nav)?
Satellite navigation systems use radio time signals transmitted by satellites to enable mobile receivers on the ground to determine their exact location. The relatively clear line of sight between the satellites and receivers on the ground, combined with ever-improving electronics, allows satellite navigation systems to measure location to accuracies on the order of a few metres in real time.

What does GPS mean?
GPS stands for Global Positioning System (GPS). A global positioning sytem allows you to pinpoint your exact location anywhere on the surface of the planet utilising a series of satellites that are constantly orbiting the earth. So long as you are above ground and can see the sky it should work.

What is SiRF
SiRF is a company that manufactures GPS chips. Their newest chip, the SiRF Star III, is super-sensitive and achieves a TTFF of one second. This makes real-time navigation practical, even in many indoor environments, through urban canyons, and under dense foliage. They are currently the most popular manufacturer of GPS chips.

NMEA stands for National Marine Electronics Association, and the NMEA 0183 standard is a data specification used for GPS receivers.

TTFF stands for Time To First Fix, the time taken for the receiver to obtain a satellite position from at least three satellites.

What does GPRS mean? 
GPRS, stands for General Packet Radio Service, and is a protocol for passing data over a mobile phone network. GPRS offers what has become known as “always on” data connection for GSM mobile phones, allowing for faster browsing of Internet content, and faster access to online services such as WAP and email.
As well as being faster than the older dial-up method of connecting from a mobile, the main advantage is that you don’t pay your online time per-minute, you pay for the amount of data you transfer. Another bonus of GPRS, is that sessions can be suspended when an incoming voice call is detected, so you don’t lose calls.

What is ‘polling’?
Interrogation of devices for purposes such as to avoid contention, to determine operational status, or to determine readiness to send or receive data.

What is ‘geofencing’?
Restricting the movement of a vehicle or other object to within a specified area. The location of the vehicle is monitored by telemetry and an alarm raised if it goes outside that area.

What does SMS mean?
Short Message Service: SMS is available on digital GSM networks allowing text messages of up to 160 characters to be sent and received via the network operator’s message center to your mobile phone, or from the Internet, using a so-called “SMS gateway” website. If the phone is powered off or out of range, messages are stored in the network and are delivered at the next opportunity

What does GSM mean?
Global System for Mobile communications, the most widely used digital mobile phone system and the de facto wireless telephone standard in Europe. Originally defined as a pan-European open standard for a digital cellular telephone network to support voice, data, text messaging and cross-border roaming. GSM is now one of the world’s main 2G digital wireless standards