Multistrada 1200 Scottoiler eSystem Install Pictorial

Multistrada 1200 Scottoiler eSystem Install Pictorial

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You can buy a Scottoiler motorcycle chain lubricator here.

Installation of a Scottoiler eSystem electronic chain lubrication system on a Multistrada 1200 MTS1200
By MilleMÄN of the German Ducati forum:

For comments and further installation photos posted by other members of diva di bologna see here

[Google translation, German to English….say no more!]
I just got my new Scottoiler built the Multistrada.
It’s never as easy as today. So far I had one and a McCoi Prooiler, both perfect devices. But since I like to try something new, and I of a 20% coupon Louis had, it’s become the new Scotti.
display unit, the operation and assembly, the delight, a road test is still pending.

A chain oiler ensures that the chain is lubricated continuous and thus extends the Lebesdauer enormous.
Personal examples: Aprilia mille-30000km, a chain, never re-tensioned, KTM 950 SM-25000km, the same thing.

Further advantages are that you have the rear wheels much easier to keep clean and can-spraying eliminates the annoying jacking.

If I’m not mistaken, the CLS in self Kawa 70000km a man with a chain driven.

Here are a few photos without comment:

Update: I have cable at the chain glides under the swingarm attached the.
However, I have noticed that the way the nozzle of the clamp to the sprocket far is too and the plastic end is to fix bad.
So I have a thin brass tube worried one, which I now the swing arm mount and the rear sprocket would lead to.
Then I have a stable connection. Photos I put it in here. The oil pump fit on both sides under the panel and if you for filling the opening (the vent tube is sealed with a) above shall, after, you should also fill with a little fiddling, can be unscrewed without the fairing.