High speed and entertainment makes racing exciting

The amount of coverage and national interest that motorbike racing events get is continuing to increase, because of the speed and thrilling nature of the sport, where the riders give their all for our entertainment. The bikes they ride on are impressive in their appearance, as well as the supreme way they can accelerate around a track and hit lightning quick speeds in seconds. That can range from the 1000cc huge bikes used in the Moto GP to the 500cc bikes used in the speedway which have no brakes! Either way, the design and powerful nature of these bikes makes for enthralling viewing for the punters.

Speedway is a popular sport that is regularly featured on Sky Sports, with the Elite League having matches shown weekly. The season is well under way at the minute with Lakeside currently topping the table. As well as that, the World Cup is also shown on television which brings together the finest riders from all around the planet to compete against one another. If you think you can call some of the speedway results or any of the other motorbike results, then get over to Betway’s betting markets who will be keeping you on top of the latest goings on in everything surrounding the motorbike racing. As mentioned with speedway, the remarkable aspect is that the bikes have no brakes, which when you watch a race live you will find astounding. The level of quality and skill from the drivers to navigate themselves around the circuit at such speed is incredible and makes for compelling viewing. They rely on their skill and technique to slow down on the corners, and also trying to avoid the other riders can be challenging. The bikes can hit top speeds of 120KMPH and that includes reaching 80KMPH within 2.5 to 3 seconds.

Another popular motorbike event is the Superbike, and the bikes they have their look far more imposing than those that the speedway drivers use. The current WorldSBK champion is Jonathan Rea who rides for the Kawasaki racing team and won his latest title with their Kawasaki ZX-10R bike. At 998cc it is an extremely powerful bike that the team have refined and designed in order to make it the best on the track, which Rea has proven with his recent success. They will be hoping to come out on top again when the next major events begin.

Overall, for fans of racing there are many different events that you can watch to get your fix. Whilst the more mainstream may focus on the F1 due to the profile it gets, there are many ways you can watch motorbike racing that can provide you with just as much entertainment and allow you to marvel at both the impressive natures of the bikes and the highly skilled riders on them.