General Bike Stuff

General Bike Stuff

Don’t forget to checkout the R1200Gs and SV1000 specific sections of this website – there’s plenty of information there that will apply to any motorcycle:

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See also: Motorcycle Manuals & Parts Fiche

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General motorcycle Info section categories:
Ride Safe, STAY SAFE!

‘How to’ & FAQs – general motorcycle ‘how to’ guides
(see R1200GS section for specific guides and intructions and MTS1200 for Ducati Multistrada 1200 related ‘How to’/FAQ articles)

GPS & Sat Nav (Motorcycle SatNav Satellite Navigation)

Snippets (Tips & Tricks;-)

General Bike Stuff:
Tips and tricks relating to motorcycle maintenance and servicing, riding motorbikes, workshop stuff – any tips, tricks and recommendations that’ll make life a bit easier.
Motorcycle Manuals & Parts Fiche – links to free online resources and downloads

Motorcycle Tyre Guide & Safety Information

Motorcycle Tyre (Tire) Repair Advice

Cleaning your bike :-0
…the AndyW way!

How to become a Cleaning Freak…
(this guy must be related to AndyW!!)

Motorcycle Electrics, FAQ and ‘how to’

Breakdowns Abroad – key phrase translation sheets
Ask for help in the local language!

Picking up a dropped bike

Blow by blow instructions with photos
Motorcycle number Plates and the law

Find the lowest petrol prices in your area
Find the cheapest fuel near you, 8000 forecourt prices updated daily. – Access to almost every fuel station price in the UK….FREE!

It’s up to you – HAVE YOUR SAY!
Things will only get worse for us unless we speak up and/or support organisations that have our interests at heart. So many issues, Draconian laws, poor road surfaces, diesel spills etc etc.  IAM  ♦  MAG  ♦  BMF
……..and you can petition the Government direct online – easy, free and you might help make a difference!

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