Zumo Startup Splash Screen Images

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Custom startup screens for your Garmin Zumo GPS motorcycle SatNav. Change the image that is displayed as your Zumo powers up. Here’s mine:

Transfer / upload new images to your Zumo via the USB connection then:
1. Go to options “wrench” icon
2. Scroll down to ‘Display’
3. Select Splash screen option
4. Select any JPG as your splash screen

Click the thumbnails to open the full size image in a new window/tab or right click and select ‘Save Target as’

 Zumo R1200GS splash screen

 R1200GSA R1200GS Adventure Zumo splash screen

 BMW Motorcycles Zumo splash screen


 BMW Zumo splash screen

 Suzuki Zumo startup screen

 Suzuki motorcycle zumo startup screen

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The above Zumo splash screen images were found at http://www.dotski.com/zumo where there are plenty more with other motorcycle model/brand logos (I’m biased toward BMW and Suzuki here 🙂

You can design your own image in any graphics software package – save the image with the following properties:
Format: JPEG (.jpg)   Dimensions: 320 x 240 pixels
And try and keep the file size down, none of the images you can download here are larger than 20kb. As I said, you could have any image you like…for example:

Tip: Add a contact telephone number (mobile recommended) and you may get your Zumo GPS unit back should you lose it.

Tip: Don’t set your ‘unlock’ location to your home address location as should your Zumo SatNav be stolen the thief could follow you home to return at an opportune moment to unlock his new toy!

Tip: Don’t set your ‘home’ location to your actual home address, choose for example your local petrol station. Should your Zumo Sat Nav unit be stolen and ‘unlocked’ at the time, the thief won’t know where to find a nice motorcycle to go with it!

 Another garmin Zumo splash screen (start up image)

 Another garmin Zumo splash screen (start up image)

Another garmin Zumo splash screen (start up image) 

 Another garmin Zumo splash screen (start up image)

Another garmin Zumo splash screen (start up image) 

SV1000 Garmin Zumo Splash screen

SV1000 Garmin Zumo Splash screen

The above images are a combination of a few I’ve done with some from various sources online e.g. ukGSer.com, GSclubUK, sv-portal and www.zumoforums.com – thank you to the creators of the original images. (actually, to date, they’re all done by me as I’ve not searched for more!)

More Zumo Customizing

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