Ducati Multistrada 1200 (MTS1200) Scottoiler Advice

Ducati Multistrada 1200 (MTS1200) Scottoiler Advice

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The first of the new Ducati Multistrada 1200’s are barely off the production line and I’m still awaiting delivery of mine (hopefully later this month May2010) but I’m already planning ahead!
[update – nearly May 2012 and I still have the MTS1200:-]

I’m a fan of Scottoilers – I’ve used a Scottoiler on three bikes and had little/no need for chain adjustment/maintenance and so rate them…whilst you get a bit of fling at least it’s easy to clean off unlike conventional chain lube fling which is a bugger to get off (and ‘conventional ‘sticky chain lubes pick up grit to form a grinding paste between the chain and sprockets [imho]). You do need to spend some time to get the dispensing rate right…and adjust it from time to time to allow for seasonal temperature changes buy that’s it.

Warning: any bike – if you mount the reservoir under the pillion seat make sure that anything carried in that space such as your tool kit cannot move around. I nearly had a crash due to my tool kit moving around and adjusting the oil flow up to max…….rear tyre soaked in oil!!

30Apr2010 – I emailed Scottoiler to see if there is a specific fitting kit planned for the new Multistrada or if they had any installation advice, here’s their response (very helpful!:-)

Hi Andy, sorry about the delay in sending this but we have been swamped with enquiries in the last few days and I’m just catching up.

We haven’t yet been able to borrow a 1200 Multistrada yet as the first batch have all been sold out. However, we’ve had a look at them at various shows and as far as installing a Scottoiler goes, it’ll be much the same as most other Ducatis.

Our eSystem (electric) simply has to be connected to the battery terminals to operate and the display unit can be mounted on the handlebars (see photos).

The Vsystem (vacuum operated) only requires removing a screw from the inlet tract, replacing it with the M6 spigot from the kit and pushing the vacuum damper elbow onto the spigot. The reservoirs on both systems are the same size and there are a few frame tubes that could be possibly be used to mount them on.

Due to the single sided swing arm, the dispenser set up is quite fiddly but, as on most sports Ducatis, there’s neat and discreet solution. You can make up a dispenser from left over vacuum tubing and mount this on the bolt which secures the slipper strip/ brake line guide and feed the tin, black tubing through the brake line guide to the front of the swing arm where it is pushed into clear delivery tubing coming down from the reservoir. Note – vacuum tubing is not included in the eSystem but we’ll be happy to supply you some, should you need it, should you opt for this kit.
I’ve also attached a photo showing our Lubetube which you can add to either system. It’s best to have this situated no higher than the RMV (it can be lower).

I hope this helps, Andy .

Regards, Mark.
Mark Celino
Technical Support

Scottoiler (Scotland) Ltd
2 Riverside
G62 6PL
Tel. 0141 955 1100
Fax. 0141 956 5896
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Full size versions of the photos below can be found here

Replace Alllen bolt with M6
Possible RMV location
Lubetube and RMV with nylon
Dispenser plate mount
25mm section of clear
25mm section of delivery
25mm section of sleeve over
Dispenser made with vacuum
Dispenser secured by slipper
Vacuum tubing routed
Mushroom end of black
Push mushroomed end into
eSystem control mirror mounting
Shortened Dual injectors to prevent movement - slash cut to prevent blocking

Comment from past experience!
Scottoiler Installation (SV1000) By AndyW Jun2005 – Something to be aware of…

Back from a blast on Sunday and notice something hanging from under the swingarm. Find it’s the oil feed to my Scottoiler……….but the dual injector unit is missing! Bit of a mess as well as oils been flying all over the underside of the swingarm – not the tyre fortunately
The dual injector unit is mounted on a post on the plastic arm you can just see in the photo below. The ‘post’ had snapped clean off…..may be as a result of flying debris/a stone, I don’t know. Phoned Scottoiler, spare parts available, Warranty department going to get back to me

…and broken

I still think Scottoilers are a great bit of kit and well worth having – just check them over regularly!