IAM – Institute of Advanced Motorists (Motorcyclists)

IAM – Institute of Advanced Motorists (Motorcyclists)

“Skill for Life” is the IAMs most popular membership option, giving you – for a one off payment, a small investment in comparison to the cost of your motorcycle – everything you need to pass your Advanced Driving Test and become a full Member of the IAM. The package includes:

How to be an Advanced Motorcyclist
  • The IAM book “How To Be An Advanced Driver/Motorcyclist”
  • “Advanced Driving” the IAMs tri-annual Members magazine
  • An initial assessment (carried out by your local IAM Group)
  • All Test preparation work (undertaken by your local IAM Group)
  • Entry into the Advanced Driving/Motorcycling Test
  • IAM Associate status, with an automatic upgrade to full Membership of the IAM (upon passing the Advanced Driving/Motorcycling Test within 12 months).
  • Access to the “Members” area of this website (with details of Members’ Events, Membership Services and Special Offers).

How do the local groups operate? (extract from my local group’s website, CVAM)

The group meets on the first Sunday, second Monday and third Wednesday evening of every month (Wednesday’s only during summer period). Various other events are arranged throughout the year.

Our team of trained IAM Qualified observers are all volunteers willing to pass on their knowledge and experience to new associate members. Each associate is allocated an observer. The date and time of Observed rides are arranged mutually between the observer and associate and usually take between 1-1.5 hours. It generally takes several observed rides before the associate is ready to take the IAM Advanced test.

In addition to the formal observed rides, associates are encouraged to gain experience by joining the groups ‘ride-outs’ on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings (see programme) where they will usually be positioned between other experienced members.

Before taking the test, the associate will be required to attend two evening ‘Theory’ sessions arranged throughout the year, where the principles of advanced riding techniques are explained.

Have a look at my local IAM Motorcycle Group’s website for loads more information (articles, biking tips, events and more;-) and to get a feel for what it’s all about:


……and I’ve been asked to include a link to a good friends local IAM Group also:


Preparation for the Advanced Test is conducted by volunteers in your local IAM Group. On completing your purchase online of “Skill for Life”, you will receive a Group Directory covering all local IAM Groups for you to contact the one nearest to you (or the most convenient). Each group organises their “Observed Runs” locally. Most people can achieve “Test standard” after 6-8 observed runs (typically a fortnight apart), so you could be “Test ready” in 12-16 weeks.
** If you are 25 or under, you can buy”Skill for Life” for £75.00 (£10 off the normal price, which is automatically calculated when you apply below).

It’s easy, just follow the link to the IAM Skill for Life on-line order process – don’t delay do it now!

IAM Motorcycle – Skill for Life Gift Token for Riders

IAM Motorcycle – Skill for Life Gift Pack for Riders


My local group – Cheddar Valley Advanced Motorcyclists

Find a local group, IAM Groups Directory: http://www.iam.org.uk/iamgroupsdirectory/