Misc Multistrada 1200 Products, Parts & Accessories

Misc Multistrada 1200 Products, Parts & Accessories

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New 03Feb2012……so bare with me;-)

Exhaust / can hanger  for Multistrada 1200 full Termignoni exhaust systems
If like me you don’t like the large DP alloy hanger that incorporates the pillion foot peg carrier (more detail and photos here😉 here’s a great alternative.
Precision laser cut exhaust hanger to fit Ducati Multistrada 1200 made from 4mm stainless steel and finished in textured satin black. This hanger really enhances the look of an already stunning looking bike by allowing you to remove the original hanger.

By ‘lamberto’ see here for more details / sales

or email Rob:lambertro71@yahoo.com

Frame ‘bungs’ – to come

GPS mount kits – to come