Multistrada 1200 / MTS1200 – Removal / Refitting Handlebars

Multistrada 1200 / MTS1200 – Removal / Refitting Handlebars

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Multistrada 1200, Fitting After Market Handlebars (Bars)

The following article refers to fitting a pair of ProTaper Evo handlebars to the Multistrada 1200 but of course the procedure details will help anyone requiring to remove and refit the OE handlebars, handlebar controls, mirrors and or handgrips / heated grips.
The same intructions will apply to anyone wishing to install Renthal handlebars (e.g. FatBar or TwinWall), TAG / TAG Metals (e.g. T2) or other after market bars to the Multistrada 1200.

The Multistrada 1200 OE bars are 33″ (840mm) wide (measurement ‘A’ as shown below) but the widest after market handlebars, with similar rise and rake, are typically 31.5″ (800mm). I chose to fit (well actually Erik chose for me….see below) ProTaper Evo bars (the CR High ‘bend’)

ProTaper EVO HandlebarsABCDE
Bend: CR High     (mm)800957120460

Handlebar mounting / clamp section (D) diameter – 1???” (1.125″ or 28.6mm)

So, to retain the same width and to fit the Multistrada 1200 controls and switch gear, bar extensions are required….step in member ‘ebrew’ aka Erik.
Erik fabricates a modification for the Protaper Evo bars that extends the overall length to 33.5″ (0.5″ wider as the right side controls are wider than the left “I could make the spacers different sizes as the left controls don’t need the extra 0.5″ but that would make the bars uneven.” 
There is a threaded insert made to put in the spacer/extension at the out most part of the bar that allows you to screw in a bolt. If you wanted to add a throttle lock or a set of hand guards you don’t have to use an expansion type of wedge for fitting.

NB: Larger versions of the following images can be found here

Erik’s Multistrada 1200 ProTaper extension kit

Erik’s Multistrada 1200 with modified ProTaper EVO ‘CR High’ handlebars

…and another view of Erik’s bars (inc DP ‘Race Handguards’ & DP LED Mirrors;-)

ProTaper Handlebars modified/extended for the Multistrada 1200

…a closer look at the bar extensions (Erik’s modification)

…and another view of Erik’s handywork

The rise seems very close to the OE bars but the ”rake’ is a little straighter so you do sit/lean just a little bit forward – I think it is an improvement over the “lazy feeling” riding position of the stock bars. Oh and and they’re way lighter!

The only thing that I don’t do is drill for heated grips (there’s a locating pin) but its not hard to drill two holes and tap them. I also found that because the Ducati heated left grip is kind of like a throttle tube fitting the knurling on the ProTaper “used to fix a grip” gets in the way a little so I had to file it down a slightly so the heated grip ‘tube’ will slide over the bar. I then used a black ink marker to make the bar black again although you don’t see this as it sits under all the controls. All dirt bike bars have this on the left end of the bar. Some people do not have heated grips so I don’t do it to my bar kits.

BUY: Erik is currently supplying the top of the range ProTaper EVO ‘CR High’ bars plus his extension kit for us$150 plus shipping (the bars cost us$89.95;-)
Members of the forum can contact him direct (user name ‘ebrew’) otherwise contact me (AndyW) and I will forward your message.
NB: Erik’s extension kit will fit any ProTaper handlebars so if you find a bar (different ‘bend’ to the CR High) that you prefer he can buy one of those…..and in the colour of your choice 😉

Multistrada 1200 – Handlebar removal / After Market Bar Fitting

05Jun2011 – coming soon

Update 01Sept2011 – still not had time to do this! (any volunteers to do the writeup?!)

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