Suzuki SV1000 Accessories by ‘Chewy’

Suzuki SV1000 Accessories by ‘Chewy’

Great items, great quality and good value from my friend Chris (Chewy)

Chewy’s stuff is high quality low-cost enhancements for your machine.  All the kind of ‘stuff’ you’d make for yourself if you had the time, money, inclination or skill.

Chewy’s Stuff Home Page
99-02 SV mirror spacers
Angled can mod kits
Assorted stainless bolts
Chain adjusters
Crash protectors
Header pipe adapters
Instrument bling
K3> SV mirror spacers
Nick Sanders DVD & Book
Paddock stand bobbins
Stainless bolts – engine  kits
Stainless bolts – bike kits
SV1000 / SV650 tank raisers
SV1000 & SV650K3> PAIR kit
SV1000 suspension links
SV stickers
SV1000S/N frame tidy kits K3 >

Chris’s SV1000…….what a beauty!…