GPS & SatNav Tutorials & ‘How to’ Articles

GPS & SatNav Tutorials & ‘How to’ Articles

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Garmin users – check for latest versions of the MapSource software here

Map updates (City Navigator): On the Road – Garmin map updates

Garmin Updates & Downloads
Updating your unit software just got easier. Use WebUpdater to automatically keep your operating software current.
Downloads for unit software, related utilities, drivers, and add-ons
MapSource® and nRoute™ mapping programs for maps and charts owners
Latest maps and charts for units

MapSource® Tutorial: Selecting and Saving Map Sets (Garmin website)

Mapsource For Dummies: Part One – Files & Waypoints
– download the .pdf Acrobat file :  Download   (893kb)

Mapsource For Dummies: Part Two – Creating Routes
– download the .pdf Acrobat file :  Download   (855kb)

Mapsource For Dummies: Part Three – Transferring Maps to your GPS
– download the .pdf Acrobat file :  Download   (904kb)

Easy Garmin Mapsource Routing for N00bs (Tutorial) (
Mapsource is cumbersome… Auto-routing doesn’t always take you where you want to go so… How do we tell it where we want to go?


Exporting Data From Garmin’s MapSource Program To Google Earth
If you have the MapSource program that comes with many Garmin GPS units or Garmin MapSource data disks you can export Waypoints, Tracks or Routes in the display directly to Google Earth with the View => View In Google Earth command. The data can be imported from a GPS unit, imported from a file (*.gdb, *.gpx, *.mps or *.loc formats supported) or entered manually into the program using its editing tools. Once displayed in Google Earth, you can make a permanent KML file of the data by right-clicking on any of the appropriate data entries in the Places Pane and choosing Save As.  Source:


The Wanderlust Worldmap is a community site assembling and improving a worldwide map of roads, points of interests, and contours that can be uploaded to Garmin GPS units using the standard Garmin MapSource software. Full access to all the data requires a 25 GBP registration fee, but you can download a sample dataset for free if you register at the site.