Ducati Multistrada 1200S ‘DES’ Suspension

Ducati Multistrada 1200S ‘DES’ Suspension

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A discussion on the Ducati.ms forum on what does / does not happen in the case of any failure of some aspect of the Multistrada 1200’s electronic suspension control system.

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Updated 02Aug2012…NB: There’s a lot more to be said on the subject, a job for someone more knowledgable than me! [AndyW] – if you would like to share your ecperience/knowledge and write further content for this page or have found information/an article on the subject elsewhere please contact me. 😉

Many thanks to DucatiForum.co.uk member JohnW for this Ducati Electronic Suspension (DES) settings record / information spreadsheet. The link below is for a spreadsheet that gives all the default settings for each of the DES modes, plus space for you to record your own adjusted settings.
The defaults are what I’ve taken from my bike this evening. Some look a bit surprising, so I’d welcome any input as to whether other owners bikes give the same or different defaults. See the discussion on this topic here (no longer available following the ‘demise’ of the Ducatisti forums;-)

It would be good if others could post their settings along with a brief description of riding style, solo/2-up/ etc, oh and an idea of your size/weight might help as well;-)
Maybe we’ll see a trend as to how each of us alter the settings.

Hope this is of some help. Oh, and if you have an iphone or similar with an office app you can edit this xls file on it. That mMight be handy for people who feel the need to fiddle with their settings on a trip.
Ducati Electronic Suspension (DES) settings spreadsheet (XLS download 31Kb)

Update Aug2010 – Many thanks to Swiss MTS1200 owner MartinH for the following revised version of John’s spreadsheet which now includes graphical charts on representing the DES settings to make things a little clearer when adjusting values.
Ducati Electronic Suspension (DES) settings spreadsheet MkII (XLS download 31Kb)

Update 02Aug2012 – Many thanks to UK MTS1200 owner TonyH for his suspension settings adjustments (road and track settings)
The Multi was brilliant on track. I was the fastest in the Inters passing everyone during the day and lapping half the field in each session. I think I was faster through most corners than on my R1 and managed to pass my mate on his FJR which last year I could not do. I also managed to pass a K1300S, a S1000RR and lots of blades all by getting out of the hairpin on a better line and getting on the gas first. Only way I could do it as once on the long straight I could match them but not pass them. On full acceleration the head was shaking a lot as the front was mostly hovering just off the ground which was a bit disconcerting as I approached 129 mph for the heavy braking but other than that it was a pleasure to ride. Only got 100 miles before the fuel light came on and said 25 miles left. Never got my knee down but did scrape my toe in the hairpin quite a lot even though it was back on the peg. Nothing else touched down which is supposed to be the normal issue (must have been because the preload was set to max to keep the back up). The track settings snells gave me worked well, I think. Can’t wait to have another go.
The settings spreadsheet is attached. I used the Enduro solo rider mode for my custom suspension settings. Height 5’11” weight around 76Kg w/o gear
Ducati Electronic Suspension (DES) settings spreadsheet MkIII (XLS download 27Kb)

MTS1200 Uprated rear spring
John W 31Jul2010 – I found my MTS1200S Touring too softly sprung when two up and luggage. I ordered a firmer spring via my dealers. Ohlins offer one without it having to be a special. The standard spring rate is 85N/mm, and the uprated one is 100N/mm. The spring cost me ~£70, so not a daft amount of money.
Just completed a 1100 mile trip up to the Borders and it has sorted the bike for us.
We still need compression set to max (1) for bumpy roads, so use sport mode on those. On other roads we use touring mode, with the compression and rebound firmer by a couple of places (I think its set to 3 for both). Ohlins Part number for the stiffer spring for the Multistrada 1200 is 21729-34.
NOTE!  I managed to get the shock off the bike but was unable to get the spring off it. All the spring compressors I have simply would not fit the thing, so I ended up taking it to my Ducati Dealer to change the spring for me (which they did free of charge). So if your going to change it yourself make sure you have a suitable spring compressor before you start.
Hope that helps.

‘Zizzo’ 26Aug2010 – for those of you who are interested. Mr. Lloyd (P&H Motorcycles) gave me the ref part for 7.5nm fork spring (I’m 80kg). It is 04802-75 (7,5Nmm). Ohlins told him this should be ok for my weight (and solo).