R1200GS Stebel Magnum Horn Installation

R1200GS Stebel Magnum Horn Installation

Replace your standard BMW R1200GS horn with a Stebel Magnum horn… …and be heard!

By AndyW Oct2008

I don’t need to tell you how pathetic the standard BMW R1200GS horn is, in fact in fairness to BMW, how poor all standard OE motorcycle horns are!
A lot of people recommend the Stebel Magnum, it’s not very expensive (around £12) and it’s LOUD! 🙂

No real need for instructions for fitting the new horn!……just disconnect the power cable from the standard horn, undo the single retaining nut and that’s the old one gone.
BUT… the Stebel horn, like most any other replacement motorcycle horn does have spade type electrical connectors so is not compatible with the BMW horn connector from the bikes wiring loom. I chose to cut the standard plug/connector from the wiring loom and solder the supplied female spade connectors in place which I covered with heatshrink insulation however you can buy the connector shown below from Nippy Normans (and maybe elsewhere?) to save cutting the OE plug off.

Described as “Hard wiring kit for BMW bikes with Can-Bus wiring” although I’m fairly sure that the horn wiring is not CanBus controlled in any case. NN is selling these for £10! :-0

The Stebel magnum is awesomely loud. It is a direct replacement for the standard horn as shown in the photo further down the page. The blurb:
This compact horn is 136dB compared to the originals 110dB and since decibels are a measurement which doubles for every 3 extra decibels , the Magnum IS MUCH LOUDER THAN THE PUNY ORIGINAL HORN !!!

The data:

The before and after shots:

R1200GS standard OE  horn
Stebel Magnum horn fitted to my R1200GS

Note the orientation of the Stebel horn – I placed it like this so that water isn’t driven into it when riding in the rain.

Get one! 🙂