It’s up to you – HAVE YOUR SAY!

It’s up to you – HAVE YOUR SAY!

Lets face it motorcycling / riding motorbikes is a minority activity and so we can find ourselves not getting a fair deal when issues affecting us are discussed by Local Authorities, National Government, Police Authorities, Road Planning Agencies, Safety Camera Partnerships etc.

Fortunately there are a few organisations trying to look after our rights and ensure our input on matters affecting us is heard by the relevant authorities. Support one of the following organisations by joining their membership to add strength to their voice in representing us and help fund their pro biking activities. The issues they discuss affect all of us!……..

Diesel spills, poor road surfaces, poor road/junction layout, dangerous ‘road furniture’ (sign posts, barriers etc), think bike campaigns, plans for restricting BHP output, over zealous policing……….and many many more.

…and you can now petition the Government direct online! Add your ‘signature’ to an existing petition or start your own. It’s easy, free and might make a difference!

TIP: just do keyword searches to find issues that interest you – here’s a couple 😉

Motorcycle related petitions

Motorcycling related petitions

Motorbike related petitions

IAM polls
We want to exercise the voice of the IAM and need your help to gain momentum and strength of voice and opinion. Your participation in our regular online surveys will help us publicise the work of the IAM and the vital opinions of its members.
We are also keen to encourage non IAM members to contribute views so please complete the questionnaire identifying yourself as a non member.

IAM – Institute for Advance Motorists/Motorcyclists
The IAM Motoring Trust is a new, independent road safety organisation, which forms the research and advocacy arm of the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists).
The IAM’s remit to the IAM Motoring Trust is to:

  • undertake a programme of transport and road safety research
  • promote practical evidence-based policies that will improve the safety of all road users
  • be an effective advocate for safer roads, safer drivers and safer vehicles
  • encourage responsible motoring and motorcycling through training and education

MAG – Motorcycle Action Group
MAG exists to achieve the things that motorcyclists want. That can mean promoting new legislation of benefit to biking, campaigning for secure parking bays or for access to bus lanes. At the other end of the scale it might mean lobbying hard in Brussels and Strasbourg against ill thought out proposals by EU bureaucrats that threaten our enjoyment of biking.

Before MAG can take any action on any issue however, the campaign or policy has to be thought through and decisions have to be made. The way we see it, nobody knows more about biking than bikers. Reflecting this, MAG’s democratic structure is intended to make it easy for our members to participate in the decision making process.

BMF – British Motorcyclists Federation
With over 100,000 members the British Motorcyclists Federation is Britain’s largest most influential Riders Rights Group. Our aim is simple – to promote and protect the interests of the road rider by representing the riders’ interests, where and when it matters.