GPS Drawing – using your GPS to make large scale drawings!

GPS Drawing – using your GPS to make large scale drawings!

Whether you’re on foot walking, riding your bike or motorcycle (see below for BMW GPS drawing ‘Draw All Over The Planet’ challenge and GPS Drawing videos), in your car, in a boat or flying you can create your very own GPS drawings! GPS Drawing combines art, travelling (walking, flying and driving) and technology and is a method of drawing that uses GPS to create large-scale artwork.

Global Positioning System receivers determine one’s position on the surface of the Earth by trilateration of microwave signals from satellites orbiting at an altitude of 20,200 km. Tracks of a journey can automatically be recorded into the GPS receiver’s memory and can subsequentially be downloaded onto an electronic computer as a basis for drawing, sculpture or animation. This journey may be on the surface (e.g. walking) or taken in 3D (e.g. while flying). Wikipedia – GPS Drawing

Sure GPS units are great to help you get from point A to point B but did you know that they can also be used to draw pictures?! The above image was drawn on a 67.7 km bike ride through Brighton by Jeremy Wood.

BMW Motorrad GPS Drawings

Use you BMW motorcycle to draw large-scale pictures. Draw whatever you want to, everywhere, anywhere. You’re unstoppable:-)

BMW GPS Drawing Introduction Video

And here’s a couple of videos showing examples of GPS drawing with your BMW motorcycle
(I think any motorcycle will do though LOL) and GPS SatNav system.

BMW GPS Drawing Demo Video – Boat

BMW GPS Drawing Demo Video – Bridge

Something else interesting to do with your GPS / SatNav system:

Creating GPS encoded photographs for free

The GPS drawing site is an amazing collection of images that people have drawn on land, air, or water, using a GPS unit. The images are drawn in all sorts of ways including by dogs in a park, guys with lawn mowers, someone putting down the chalk markings on a football pitch, walking on the beach, and many more