Suspension linkage check

Suspension linkage check

Checking SV1000 Rear Suspension Linkage Bushes

Author: My friend from FastBikeFinder, Simon aka ‘sinic’

AndyWusual warning, refer to manufacturers workshop manual.

This is a guide to help you check your rear suspension linkage bushes, which can fail a MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT check / MOT.

Once worn to excess, can also seriously upset your handling which bothers me more.

Don’t be intimidated by your bikes weight. Gone are the days of the bike being the boss.

Stand on the left handside of your bike, turn your handlebars all the way to the left lock, that way, if it moves it’ll roll towards you, (but it won’t roll more than an inch!).

Put your left hand under the right hand side of your sub-frame, just under the tail piece, and lift the back of the bike off the floor.

With your right hand, grab the top of your back wheel,then lift the back wheel up and down to feel the amount of play!

If you don’t notice any play then that is great, but if you’re past 7-8000 miles, then you’re likely to have some.

When you get used to the feel of the play,in the future on this or other bikes, you can try just using your grab rail,without lifting the arse end off the ground. Just pull it towards you, you’ll feel the play as it is taken up, and then put back down.

Often if you kneel down on the right handside of your bike, looking at the linakages, push up on the subframe gently and you may get a peek at which bush has the play!

Often, these bushes/linkages can seize very easily, so after each wash,or session in the rain, rinse each bush and linkage point with WD40 or similar,this gets rid of any dirt or grit that may have built up, then lubricate with a light oil or spray grease. Now go ride it again and I’m sure you’ll notice the difference. It pays to remove each bush bolt every so often, and clean and regrease too, and they’ll last longer.

It’s a pain in the arse to have to spend lots of time maintaining your bike, but regular maintenance, helps maintain your pocket, and your quality of ride!