How to Maintain Your BMW R1200GS / Adventure – Servicing and Maintenance Resources

How to Maintain Your BMW R1200GS / Adventure – Servicing and Maintenance Resources

For a lot of us maintaining and servicing our BMW R1200GS motorcycles is something we want to do for ourselves for any number of reasons – saving money, convenience, personal satisfaction, necessity etc.

Often easier said than done though unless you happen to be a qualified motorcycle technician / mechanic and BMW motorcycles are so much more complex / high tech than most motorcycles. There’s plenty of help available though and BMW even run Adventure Maintenance Courses now designed for you to learn the basic skills and knowledge that will allow you to maintain your own bike when travelling (see below).

You’ll find lots of information and guidance on maintaining and servicing your R1200GS (BMW) on websites like this one and BMW GS forums such as, and are invaluable resources.
Don’t carry out any work on your motorcycle unless you ARE CONFIDENT that you have the skill/capability to do so. Always refer to the manual (the BMW Workshop manual RepRom CD / DVD is available from your BMW Dealer…….and other sources!). DISCLAIMER

HAYNES Manual – BMW R1200 Twins 

2004 – 2006 Haynes Manual

2004 – 2009 Haynes Manual

2010 – 2012 Haynes Manual

2013 – 2016 Haynes Manual


Make life easier and service/maintenance of your GS safer! 🙂

BMW R1200GS (R1200 R / RT / RS) Maintenance DVD
Jim Von Baden, a well known and respected proponent of “do-it-yourself” service work, has been offering advice and expert technical support to the BMW crowd on various internet motorcycle forums for several years. At the prodding of numerous posters he has released the first of a series of high quality DVDs that take you through all the basic maintenance your BMW motorcycle requires. This is, to put it mildly, a treasure chest of information and tips way beyond what can be gathered from even the BMW factory repair manual.

GS-911 Diagnostic Tool for BMW Motorcycles
Maintain and service your own BMW motorcycle? Planning to travel where there’s no BMW Motorcycle Dealership in the area? Just want piece of mind? The GS-911, is an indispensable device for many BMW motorcycle owners. The GS-911 is a unique software and hardware combination that allows the BMW motorcycle enthusiast the ability to communicate with his or her motorcycle’s control modules in a safe and controlled manner to check fault codes, troubleshoot faults and diagnose the cause of problems with the bike or breakdowns. [more]

Please take care when carrying out any work on your motorcycle, however simple the task may seem, there could be effects that could make your motorcycle unsafe to ride.

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Training / Courses

It’s worth having a look at the forums mentioned above – for example on there has been a lot of discussion on running ‘maintenance’ days and groups of members often get together to help each other out.

BMW Adventure Maintenance Courses (one of the BMW Off Road Skills courses)

The Off Road Skills Adventure Maintenance course is designed around some
basic skills and knowledge that will allow you to maintain your own bike when
travelling. Our years of travel and racing experience will help you to understand
what is and isn’t repairable in the field; allowing you to make decisions that
should help keep you moving. We’ll also help you decide what tools and parts
are practical to carry.

Lessons and “hands on” practical sessions will give you real skills, so come along prepared to get your hands dirty. We will provide the bikes, tools and spare parts for you to practice on, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your own rims whilst learning to change tyres. These courses are ideal for anyone planning a trip.

Programme and lessons cover:

  • Checking oil and fluid levels
  • Repairing oil and fuel leaks
  • Dealing with water crossings, and the results if it goes wrong
  • Replacing break pads and components
  • Fixing punctures
  • Jump starting
  • Preparation and common preventative tips you may need for travelling
  • Bike set-up including controls and suspension
  • Emergency refuelling
  • Pre-ride safety checks
  • Pre-travel service

Off Road Skills Adventure Maintenance courses are open to anyone. This course is aimed at giving you enough basic skills to get you out of trouble in the field. It is not a replacement for your normal bike service routine or essential repairs.

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