‘How to’ & FAQ Articles

‘How to’ & FAQ Articles

General motorcycle articles on various FAQs (frequently asked questions), ‘How to’ write ups and instructions/guides for carrying out various service and modification tasks.

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Motorcycle Manuals & Parts Fiche – links to free online resources and downloads

HID Lights – Introduction

HID Lighting – Installation Guide

Cleaning Spoked Wheels

Make Your Own Heated Handlebar Grips

Meta 357T V2 Motorcycle Alarm installation instructions
Needless to say I’m not going to make these installation and operating instructions available to any old Tom, Dick or Bike Theif! Only available to members of MotorcycleInfo.co.uk that I know or can verify through ukGSer.com, SV-Portal.com or other forums I frequent.

Motorcycle Electrics, FAQ and ‘how to’

Motorcycle Engine Oil Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s / FAQs)

Suspension Setup Explained

Suspension Setup Notes

Suspension Linkage Check

VentureShield Paint Protection Film – care advice 

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WARNING: A quote from the manual!
“Inexperienced mechanics or mechanics without the proper tools and equipment may not be able to properly perform the services described. Improper repair may result in injury to the mechanic and may render the motorcycle unsafe for the rider and passenger.”

Please isolate the bike’s battery before working on electrical systems or where there is a possibility of inadvertently shorting electrical connections.

Petrol (gas) fumes are highly flammable…….need I say more!