R1200GS DIY Modifications

R1200GS DIY Modifications

There’s almost as many ideas for DIY modifications to the R1200GS as there are after market parts available….and that’s a lot!

I love seeing some of the innovative ideas people come up with to solve ‘problems’ or ‘issues’ with their bikes or to just plain save money over buying after market parts. Even the ones that don’t appeal to me or suit my needs are always interesting to read about and often lead to other ideas! Modifying your motorcycle can become addictive and for the R1200GS the ideas and options seem endless 🙂

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R1200GS – What have you done? Read of a great modification / DIY job done by someone else?………. please let me know and I’ll add some information on your mod here.

Shaw Stainless Steel Fastener Kit
Kits include replacement bolts, nuts, washers and more – replace those corroded/rusty fixings

Autocom install in Top Box

BMW R1200GS Vario Panniers – modifications and extras

“Crud Catcher” 2b or not 2b?

R1200GS Front Engine Cover Corrosion

DIY Accessory Socket & Switch Panel

R1200GS Above Dash GPS / SatNav Mounting Bracket

DIY Hugger Alternative

DIY mudflap & side panels

DIY Rear Mudguard / Fender

R1200GS Aeroflow Screen with Saeng Edging

BMW R1200GS to R1200GS Adventure Fuel Tank Conversion

Fuel Tank Filler Modifications

BMW R1200GS Auxiliary Removabale Fuel Tank Installation

Waterproof Your Rear Light Electrics!

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