‘How to’ & FAQ Articles

‘How to’ & FAQ Articles

BMW R 1200 GS / R1200GS / R1200GS Adventure articles on various FAQs (frequently asked questions), R1200GS ‘How to’ write ups and instructions/guides for carrying out various service and modification tasks on your BMW R1200GS.
Always refer to the relevant manufacturers instructions and/or BMW workshop manual – usual warnings apply! Disclaimer

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BMW Motorcycle Manuals & Parts Fiche – links to free online resources and downloads

R1200GS Torque Settings (and scroll down the page that opens for service/maintenance schedules)

GS-911 Diagnostic Tool for BMW Motorcycles

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Motorcycle GPS SatNav System Installation

R1200GS.info ‘How to…’   (moved to new section FAQ & ‘How to’ Links 06Feb2008)
List of the ‘how to’ articles on the excellent R1200GS.info website

Modifying controls for a BMW R1200GS motorcycle (external link)
A very interesting project by an electrical engineer Duncan Drennan of Engineer Simplicity for ‘disabled’ rider Kobus Raath who has had a below elbow amputation – that is, he has no left hand. Kobus had modified the left handle bar so that a prosthesis (which he makes himself) can attach to it and moved the clutch to the right handle bar. So the next problem he needed to address was the riders controls, such as the indicators and horn, in steps Duncan 🙂 Read Duncan’s article here

R1200GS.me.uk R1200GS Info   (moved to new section FAQ & ‘How to’ Links 06Feb2008)
List of the ‘how to’ articles on Andy Cole’s great R1200GS website

R1200GS Dave D’s ‘How to’ articles   (moved to new section FAQ & ‘How to’ Links 06Feb2008)
List of the R1200GS ‘how to’ articles on Dave Gragon’s great website

Additional auxiliary power socket
R1200GS GSA – extra power socket for GPS systems, heated clothing etc

BMW OEM Alarm Programming

Beak & Tank Panels removal

Castrol Engine Oil – Q&A

BMW R1200GS Alternative Engine Oils & Other FAQ

Motorcycle Engine Oil Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s / FAQs)

BMW R1200GS Engine Oil & Filter Change

Changing brake pads (cleaning calipers)

Cleaning Spoked Wheels (R1200GS R1200GSA)

“Crud Catcher” 2b or not 2b? (R1200GS splash guard)

R1200GS Front Engine Cover Corrosion

How to Maintain Your R1200GS (general intro)

Servicing Tips & Extra Info

R1200GS / R1200 24000m Service

R1200GS / R1200 Throttle Body Sync

BMW R1200GS Sparkplugs – sparkplug recommendations and information

Final Drive Oil Change

Fitting Hepco & Becker Crashbars (engine bars)

Front Wheel Removal Tool

BMW R1200GS to R1200GS Adventure Fuel Tank Conversion

Fuel Tank Filler Mods 

GPS Sat Nav Power Connection
Make up a power lead to connect to the socket on the bike provided for the BMW Navigator GPS system

Meta 357T V2 Motorcycle Alarm installation instructions
Needless to say I’m not going to make these installation and operating instructions available to any old Tom, Dick or Bike Theif! Only available to members of MotorcycleInfo.co.uk that I know or can verify through ukGSer.com, SV-Portal.com or other forums I frequent.

R1200GS – What tyres? (tyre reviews and tests)

BMW R1200GS Tyre (Tire) Puncture Repair

Motorcycle Tyre (Tire) Repair Advice

Renthal Bars – Installation
….or installation of any brand of after market handlebars 😉

Renthal Bars – fitting OEM bar end weights

Stebel Magnum Horn Install

Suspension Setup Explained (general motorcycle not R1200GS specific). Rebound and compression damping, adjust preload/check sag.
Suspension Setup Notes

Wilbers Front Shock installation
Replacing the front shock on an R1200GS (GSA in this instance)

Wilbers Rear Shock installation
Replacing the rear shock on an R1200GS (GSA in this instance)

R1200GS DIY Modifications

Autocom install in Top Box

BMW Vario Panniers Mods

“Crud Catcher” 2b or not 2b?

R1200GS Front Engine Cover Corrosion

DIY Accessory Socket & Switch Panel

Extending R1200GS Fuel Tank Range

Fuel Tank Filler Modifications

DIY mudflap & side panels

DIY Hugger alternative

DIY Rear Fender

Waterproof Your R1200GS Rear Light Electrics!
Well worth doing to save potential hassle and possible safety issue

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WARNING: A quote from the manual!
“Inexperienced mechanics or mechanics without the proper tools and equipment may not be able to properly perform the services described. Improper repair may result in injury to the mechanic and may render the motorcycle unsafe for the rider and passenger.”

Please isolate the bike’s battery before working on electrical systems or where there is a possibility of inadvertently shorting electrical connections.

Petrol (gas) fumes are highly flammable…….need I say more!