DIY Accessory Socket & Switch Panel

DIY Accessory Socket &
Switch Panel

By AndyW

I made up my own panel to fit below the speedo/clocks unit so that I had a convenient and easy access spot to mount an additional BMW Accessory Socket and an illuminated switch for my spot lights.

Here are the photos and when I get time I’ll do a write up on where the bits came from and how it was all done.

You may notice an addition to my DIY instrument panel in the photo above that’s not shown in the following photos – the LED for the alarm/immobiliser.

BMW accessory socket and an illuminated switch for the spotlights – I have a three way equivalent of this switch so I can add extra lights if I choose :-0

And from behind! Looks a bit messy but non of this is visible once the instrument cluster is installed – relatively easy to remove my DIY panel should I chose as I’ve used silicone gel as the adhesive.

Wire to pick up power from the headlight unit (photo is of one of the covers off the back of the light unit) to power the low voltage side of the spotlight relay.