Motorcycle GPS SatNav System Installation

Motorcycle GPS SatNav System Installation

Motorcycle GPS Systems
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Motorcycle GPS Systems – Which SatNav for your motorcycle?

Before you can fit your GPS SatNav System to your motorcycle some serious consideration needs to be given to:

  • Location – where and how will you mount the GPS on your motorcycle?
     ~ so that it is accessible, the screen is easily viewed and…
     ~ to ensure it does not obscure your dash instruments or handlebar controls
     ~ is securely mounted
     ~ suffers as little vibration as possible
  • Power Supply / Wiring – you need to get power to the GPS cradle / mount
     ~ what power source? (direct battery connection? – dedicated GPS socket? etc)
     ~ routing of the power cable (and other GPS leads e.g. audio cables)

Of course considering personal requirements, the ever increasing number of motorcycle specific GPS SatNav Systems, the use of GPS systems designed for use only in cars and the variations between different motorcycle models….pretty much every installation will be different!
One way to make the job easier is to compare what others have done already…..even if the installation is for a different brand/model of motorcycle and/or motorcycle GPS SatNav System you can pick up some handy hints 😉

So, that’s the longer introduction than I intended for this page…..a list of the pages on this website (and a couple of recommended external links) relating to installing / fitting / mounting and connecting a GPS system on a motorcycle including many pages relating to specific motorbike installs but not in the GPS Section of this site:

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DIY GPS cradle mounting bracket

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R1200GS related but useful tips and ideas;-)

Multistrada 1200 / MTS1200 Custom GPS Power Lead 
As are many motorcycles now-a-days, the Multistrada 1200 is prewired with a GPS / SatNav electrical power connector socket. Here’s how to make up a custom power lead for your GPS SatNav system to connect to the OE GPS power connector.

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