Replacement Security Screw for Garmin GPS holders

Replacement Security Screw for Garmin GPS holders

Improved security screws for
Garmin motorcycle GPS
Sat Nav mounts

Available for Garmin Zumo 550 / 500 and StreetPilot 26xx, 27xx & 28xx models
 Garmin Zumo550 • Zumo500
Garmin StreetPilot 2610 • 2620 • 2720 • 2730 • 2820

No more hassle with that flimsy screwdriver!
Easier fixing and releasing whilst retaining your GPS unit secure in it’s mount
Prevents accidental releases of the GPS holder

NB: This replacement security screw is not an anti theft device but whilst the original Garmin screw requires a ‘special tool’ to undo it (in theory!) it would not stop a thief! Clearly the term ‘security’ is used in the sense of securing the GPS retaining clip so that your GPS unit cannot accidentally be released from the holder whilst your motorcycle is on the move.
The only way to prevent theft of your motorcycle GPS unit is to take it with you when your bike is left unattended! 😉

Zumo Security Screw

Garmin StreetPilot Security Screw

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