WinGDB GPS Software Utility – Convert Tracks to Routes and Vice Versa

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WinGDB – A simple utility to convert your GPS Tracks to a Route or vice versa. Easy to use with basic instructions (PDF help file).

Many SatNav /GPS systems such as garmin’s Zumo record ‘tracks’ (i.e. records the path that you travel by recording regular GPS coordinates at preset intervals).  Some GPS devices, again such as the Zumo allow you to convert a track to a route which will result in trackpoints converting to waypoints. If you want to have more control over this or want to edit your recorded Tracks / Routes in Mapsource here is the tool for you – WinGDB!

WinGDB is a program that converts Mapsource GDB route files into Tracks or Routes to Tracks. It can also be used to show hidden or hide visible Via Points and convert Via Points to WayPoints or the other way round. (Glossary of GPS / SatNav terms🙂

Screenshot (version 3.3 beta 01/12/2008)

Several days ‘track’ shown in Mapsource

More information and download WinGDB here:
Check for updates from time to time 😉