Chewy’s Suzuki SV1000S – SV996R!

Chewy’s Suzuki SV1000S – SV996R!

By Chris aka ‘Chewy’

I started out with the basic new silver 03 SV1000s purchased with my redundancy payment in June 2003.

Having first removed the snow shovel and fitted an under tray because it was so dam ugly I then stood back and started to think what next and got a little carried away. Some of the ideas I decided to share with other SV owners and at great risk and sometimes expense I had them made, like the angle can modification for example, the ever-popular mirror spacers and surprisingly they started to sell. Below is a list of what I have done. I think the most effective mod to date is the black powder coated wheels set against the gold powder coated callipers.

But my most practical mod was to remove and replace approximately 120 bolts and ‘Swiss cheese’ screws for stainless steel Allen head ones. This gives me an advantage now as I can strip or work on most of my bike only using 3 Allen keys in the process. Most of my modifications are subtle and that is the outline idea. I wish to finish the job that Suzuki started with this very cheap to buy and underrated V twin. I remove unwanted clutter or just find a way to hide or tidy up ‘unsightly’ areas like the battery box. This is where I have removed the ugly bracket, the large rubber flap underneath and cut back any excess plastics. I also had to hide the tip over switch, as this was located just in front of the battery. Also hiding the rear brake reservoir under the right hand side plastics.

Same thought goes into the area behind the radiator I have totally removed the PAIR system and hidden that ugly horn under the tank, its now far easier to get at the front spark plug and now no more popping and banging on the overrun. Don’t get me wrong I did like this at first but it does get on your nerves after a while and I was wondering what long term damage might be done as it can blow off the rubber throttle bodies in time.

My further plans are to install a new (my design) braced swing arm powder coated black with the dog bones the same gold as the callipers with a replacement shock from a GSXR1K. I have also dropped the front forks through the triple clamps by a further 5mm this greatly increases corner stability and allows you to turn in more like a GSXR now. I also intend sometime in the future to try to install the rear end from the Yamaha R1 02 model and a few other bits I have in mind.

Modification list to date:


Black wheels powder coated,
Sub frame
Oil cooler brackets
Exhaust hangers
Oil cooler and radiator grills
Number plate hanger
Belly pan brackets all powder coated gloss black by
Gold calipers powder coated,
Rear sprocket carrier powder coated gold


Pair of custom made white LED narrow angle 12 degrees 8000 MCD min candella side lights
Number plate Lights in Bolt`z kit added and converted to LEDs
Front LED indicators Watsen design
Red blue gauges conversion kit
Clear alternatives tail light with turn signal integration


New paint BMW blue/grey
Suzuki OEM Rear Seat Cowl
Suzuki OEM Lowers
Suzuki OEM top yoke cover and tank filler cover
Ermax Rear Hugger
Under tray Ermax
BUSTERS light smoke screen
The GAP modification,. Removed rear brake reservoir and fitted custom made one. Cut off excess battery box plastics and steel bar between sub frame hidden tip over switch under tank with custom fitting.
Radiator and oil cooler grills HAMICAD
Tank fillet carbon look
Front fender carbon fibre
Delrin mirror spacers
Rear footrest eliminators
Mikle Ronnie tank protector – Motrax


Dropped front forks through clamps by 5mm
Goodridge S/S brake 3 line kit
Rear sets titanium by Gilles
Gold DID X ring chain fitted to black anodised sprockets From Renthal
Gold sprocket nuts
GSXR1000 03 rear shock fitted
Custom made rear exhaust down pipe modified with a heat shield fitted.
Leading edge of front discs polished by hand
Shorter gear shift arm from a TLR part No 25520-19co2
Snorkel removal
Raised front of petrol tank by 16mm
GPS Gear position indicator with a TRE cleverly fitted into the circuit modified from a TLR kit
Scott oilierchain oiler Scottoiler
ART race cans double outlet stainless steel
Piggy back rear brake reservoir


Frame crash bobbins JHSRacing
Axle and swingarm crash bobbins with paddock bobbins
Fairing crash bobbins
SV996R stickers
Wheel rim SVR stickers
Tax disk holder
Angle can mod
PAIR block of kit and TOTAL removal of system. My product
Custom fit grommet kit in hangers and swingarm pivot points
Brake reservoir caps silver OBERON
Clutch reservoir caps silver OBERON
Bar ends stainless steel OBERON
Oil filler cap silver OBERON
Cigarette lighter socket under seat to run Mobile phone charger
Removed the steel right hand bracket on right footrest
Replace about 140+ bolts with stainless steel and hand polished
Modified side stand to stop it falling over
Replaced all engine bolts with stainless steel: My product
Mirror polish swing arm.
Paint gold steering damper.
Hidden horn under the tank
Removed Rear Grab Rail
Warning Stickers Removed
TPS Adjusted
Polished stainless steel chain adjusters
Increased underseat Storage
Replaced screws in switch gear for stainless
Dealer mode tool under seat part number 09930-82720