Configuring / setting R1200GS / BMW Vario panniers cases locks for different keys

Configuring / setting R1200GS / BMW Vario panniers cases locks for different keys

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Re-keying BMW Vario Panniers & Topcases / Topboxes
Article by ‘Ebbo’ (original article here)

BMW adjustable key cylinder for Panniers and Top cases R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure, F800GS, F700GS and F650GS: Part No: 51 25 7 698 202

BMW adjustable key cylinder for sport bags, system bags, 49 liter top case and 28 liter top cases: Part No: 51 25 7 698 204

R1100 R1150GS BMW Lock Repair kit: Part No: 51 25 2 337 270 / 51 25 7 660 865

Macro picture of the lock wafers (top row), lock pawl & spring (bottom row)

Removing the lock mechanism

Unlock the case and lift both handles. Push a small screwdriver or similar in to the small hole just behind the orange locking tab, It can be a bit of a fiddle, but press in and at the same time gently pull, the lock should slide out of the case. Don’t worry the wafers and springs will all remain secure in the lock until you remove the key from the lock barrel.

Lock modification

Hold the lock barrel gently between fingers and thumb so the wafers both top and bottom are held in place and pull out the key. As the key comes out you will feel the wafers riding up and down between you fingers. DON’T LET GO. Now, put your normal ignition key in to the lock barrel. Once its fully home you can safely let the lock barrel go again. Take a close look at the 6 wafers in the barrel (there is no seventh wafer, do not fit one!) at the end of the lock barrel is the lock pawl, it was this you pressed in to release the lock barrel from the case) correct wafers will be laid completely level top and bottom with the lock barrel, incorrect wafers will be slightly proud, either sticking up or down from the lock barrel, these obviously are the ones to change.

Wrong wafers for the key, note the raised wafers in the lock barrel, the last wafer standing very high is the lock pawl and correct.

To change a wafer hold the lock barrel with the wafer to change at the top and pull out the key. gently lift your thumb off the top tumblers, they will all rise but don’t worry the spring is not long enough to push them fully out. Pull out the incorrect wafer and swap it with another, the tiny spring should remain in the lock barrel while your doing this. Just take your time and be gentle. Replace the key and check how it now lays, there are only 3 types of pawl so if you guessed wrong there is only one type left to try! keep going until all 6 wafers are level top and bottom.

Finished Lock, all the wafers are lying flat and even except for the last one, the lock pawl.


You may want to re-lubricate the lock and parts during assembly, I used a light coating of silicon grease obtained quite cheaply from a plumbers merchants.

Replacing the lock

Replace the lock in to the case by pressing the lock pawl in and insert the lock , If you cannot get the lock to go fully in to the case, you probably have an incorrect wafer standing proud. take it out and check what you have done.

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