R1200GS Beak & Tank Panels removal

R1200GS Beak & Tank Panels removal

Based on an article by damoace (BMRider.com) 25Aug2008

I removed my tank panels and beak to have them resprayed…change of colour ūüôā
First remove the riders seat.
Remove both of the large side panels by undoing the two quick release screw panel fasteners (dzus fasteners).

R1200GS tank side panel retaining screw - dzus quick release fastener

…..obviously the securing clip remains fixed to the tank panel:-)

CAUTION!: don’t do what I did and forget about this half-turn clip on the front lower inside of the panels¬†down by the forks:

I did and it cost me a trip to get a new one. DOH! Whilst pushing the front lower quarter of the panel inwards, twist the fastener until you feel it release (another dzus fastener but a horrible plastic afair this time that’s a right royal pain to get it to secure properly). Remove the tank side panel carefully, pulling the locating peg on the panel free from the rubber grommet on the frame of the bike, you have to wiggle it a little sometimes to get it to release from the tank centre panel.

Next , remove this side trim panel fixed by two pegs on the panel that locate in rubber grommets mounted on the bike frame.

Did you know your tyre pressures are stuck on a label behind it?

Now, remove these two T25 Torx screws from the RHS of the beak:

And the corresponding pair of T25 Torx screws from the LHS:

As you already have the T25 Torx bit in your hand and you are on that side of the bike anyway, you should go ahead and pull these four T25’s from the LHS of the tank:

…followed by the same screws on the RHS:

Only a couple more things to do and you are done. Locate both ends of this triangular infill panel just underneath the clocks on either side of the bike.

And gently pull it up and away whilst wiggling it a little to get the plastic locating lugs to release.

There are three clips that hold it in.

Now, SLOWLY pull the beak forward off the locating lugs¬†and off of the bike. DON’T PULL UP OR DOWN! Pull straight forward only as there are two pin-mountings that have to slide off forward. If you goof this the beak could be damaged. Nice and easy is the key.

Now find the T25 Bit again and remove the six screws in the fuel filler surround.

(The crap finish is polish, I was still compounding it down when I took the photo;-)

Put the fags out, stuff a rag into the Filler Neck and pull the fuel filler cover/filler cap¬†up and out of the tank recess. Catch the three rubber wedges that can stick to the bottom of the filler cap. CAUTION: note the orientation of them as they are a sod to get back in correctly if (like me) you didn’t see them in place to start with! DOH!

AndyW¬†– make that two DOH’s! At this point in working on Damo’s original article to add here¬†I remembered that removal of the tank panels is covered in the¬†Fuel Tank Filler Mod article! Never mind, almost done now ūüôā The rubber wedges…

All that should be left is to lift the centre tank panel off of the bike. The metal side panels are hooked into the plastic panel and will come off as well.

Remove the¬†metal rear side¬†panels by gently sliding them off of the plastic panel sideways (infact there’s no real need to remove the retaining screws as the centre panel can be reoved with these panels still attached). There is a flat tang and groove arrangement in there.

That’s it! Spray them up or get them sprayed, pop them all back on and voila! Your bike in your fave colour.
Happy Trails!….