R1200GS Front Wheel Removal Tool

R1200GS Front Wheel Removal Tool

AndyW – usual warning, refer to the BMW workshop manual.
Torque values

To remove the front wheel from the R1200GS you will need a ‘front wheel removal tool’ – basically a short length of 22mm diameter hexagonal bar.

R1200GS 22mm front wheel removal tool and 22mm socket
  You can buy the tool from your local BMW Dealer or you may prefer to save some money 🙂  You can source them from a number of places including eBay from time to time (Google – “R1200GS front wheel removal tool”) or……….you can contact ‘rdover’ on the ukGSer forum who is selling them for £4.00 of which £1 will go to charity. See this thread on the ukGSer forum for ordering:
Front wheel removal tool

(1) Front axle   (2) Axle clamping screw   (3) Spacer/bush
363691 – hexagon tool   363971/363972 – front wheel stand

Torque settings
Quick-release axle in axle holder
M24 x 1.5
50 Nm
Quick-release axle clamp screws
M8 x 35
19 Nm