Multistrada 1200 / MTS1200 Custom GPS Power Lead

Multistrada 1200 / MTS1200 Custom GPS Power Lead

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**WARNING** – the onboard GPS power connector supplies 12 volts (12V) and therefore is not suitable for direct connection to GPS units that require a 5 volt (5V) power supply without modification. Typically 5V systems e.g. ‘TomTom One’ charge/are powered via a USB type socket only but check your manual. 5V SatNav systems will require a 12v to 5v voltage regulator incorporated into the power lead (available from electrical/electronics retailers e.g. Maplins)

TIP: (thanks to Craig L for the following comments 02Aug2012):
The Ducati Workshop Manual refers to the GPS power lead as the “navigator accessory connector”.
The connector comes apart easily if the tab on the female (removable) connector is gently pressed. But if you are not familiar with these connectors and assume they are friction fit, you can easily pull hard enough to snap off the tab. And then it won’t stay together!. Someone on Ebay sells replacements for $9 pair (two sets, that is), called “CONNECTOR PAIR DUCATI Turn Signals Blinkers, OEM 2-W”.
Once I found the Ebay seller, I learned that the Ducati part number is CL-DT2W-1.

Comment: Re FUSE: [ErikS, Holland] …I also want tot power a Zumo 550 like this. Question: Is it not necessary to use a fuse between the point of power and the Zumo?
[AndyW] …the GPS power supply on the bike is bound to be fused at some point / protected via the CANbus system so I didn’t bother with an inline fuse. However I have seen the wiring for the Ducati (rebadged Garmin!) dealer installed system and they did fit an inline fuse where the GPS power lead connects to the onboard GPS power socket under the right tank side panel…….no harm in doing so (belt and braces 😉 I’m very confident in my wiring/electrical skills so have no worries, maybe better safe than sorry for others though.

Multistrada 1200 / MTS1200 Custom GPS Power Lead

The Multistrada 1200 is prewired with a GPS / SatNav electrical power connector socket wich is located under the left hand plastic trim panel. Here’s how to make up a custom power lead for your GPS SatNav system to connect to the OE GPS power connector.

NB: Just photos for now (new page 12Feb2011) until I get time to write up some notes!
Larger versions of all photos here

You need to ensure that your connections to the GPS power connector plug wire ‘tails’ are the right way around (both wires on the plug side are, rather helpfully, black!). However looking at the loom side of the connector one of the wires is red with a blue trace. This is the positive feed.

You can if you wish temporarily connect the wires at this stage, turn on the ignition, and ensure the satnav comes on. If you have a volt meter you could also confirm which connection is positive prior to connecting to it.
Slide a 20mm long piece of heat-shrink up both of the short tails. If you have a larger diameter piece of heat-shrink slide that up the cabling too (this will cover the entire joint).

These are the type of electrical connectors I chose to use, JST Electrical Connectors (model airplane battery leads;-) – I chose these as they came prewired with short wire ‘tails’ for easy soldering to my wiring cable / loom and as they’re nice and small.

Did the same for my Zumo 550 on the R1200GS…

Custom Zumo 550 power lead