2008 BMW R1200GS – What’s different

2008 BMW R1200GS – What’s different

Based on the ukGSer.com thread 2008 1200GS – What’s different by ‘Thunder’ with additional information added as I find it.

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2008 BMW R1200GS – What’s different

As someone who had a previous version of the R1200GS when I ordered the 2008 model I found no one could tell me exactly what was different on the new model and which of my existing accessories would fit so I thought it would be useful to post what I’ve discovered so far (Frb 2008).

The entire front sub-frame is new so my existing Migsel Light Bar will not carry over, from enquiries it appears that no light bars designed for the 2004 to 2007 model GS’s will fit on the 2008 bike.

The screen mounting plate has changed; the screens themselves are the same for all the bikes and the GSA screen is still an option (as are any after market screen) but accessories like the original Touratech cockpit cover and Migsel GPS mount which use the centre panel of the frame won’t fit.

Oil cooler grills are the same for all model years, some reports said the 2208 had a larger cooler but my existing Reyno grill went straight on with no issues with the new bodywork.

The oil cooler using the same mounting points as previous bikes so Les Wassell’s HID ballast bracket pops straight on, again the new beak is not a problem.

 2008 R1200GS Adventure screen mounts / front subframe
2008 R1200GS oil cooler guard2008 R1200GS Adventure oil cooler mounts

Best Rests Hid brackets designed to fit underneath the side panels of the 2004 – 2007 won’t work with the 2008 owing to the new sub frame.

The Stebel Magnum horn (dual or single) won’t work with the 08 particularly if it has ESC as an option. The mount for the horn has been moved to hang under the head stock to inside of the right hand side panel.

2008 BMW R1200GSA revised hand guards

Touratech handguard extenders can’t be fitted with the new guards on the 2008 bike owing to their revised shape.

MW offer extended hand guards as an option from the dealer. The new hand guards also prevent fitting a brace to the handlebars.

Touratech brake and clutch reservoir protectors are common to all model years.

Accessory sockets have been moved on the 2008 bike, the front socket designed for a GPS feed is now down on the right side cable tied to the frame underneath the horn, the main socket has been moved from the rear sub-frame to inside the tool tray under the seat which makes it easy to access if you want to connect an Autocom unit.

2008 R1200GS GPS power socket
In addition the tool tray mounting box no longer has any relays which gives more space for an auxiliary fuse panel should you which to fit one.

2008 R1200GS fuel filler

The filler cap sits higher and has 2 breather pipes which makes filling it to the neck easy compared to the previous bikes.

The fuel filler is now mounted with 4 screws inside the cap which makes it simple to remove to take the panel off but the SW Motech tank bag which mounts on a quick release bracket using the mounting screws for the filler cap on the previous bikes is now useless.

2008 R1200GS Adventure fuel tank

The 08 has a completely new fuel tank and panels.

The new tank design has the fuel pump controller / relay mounted at an much steeper angle rather than near horizontal as before, its also not in a recess like the old one which together with the new bodywork providing better protection should make a difference (no more failed fuel pump controllers?!)

With the new tank panels on the 08 BMW have released new tank bags for the bike. The previous version of the tank bag will not fit perfectly and is likely to mark the tank.

Other accessories like crash bars, exhausts, seats are common to all model years, changes are mainly to the front of the bike and the fuel tank.

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If you find any other differences please add them to the post on ukGSer.com (link at top of page) or contact Andy