Giro Del Mondo In 80 DOC

Giro Del Mondo In 80 DOC

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Paolo Pirozzi Multistrada 1200 World Tour Gallery

Around The World in 80 DOC’s (Desmo Owners Clubs)

Paolo Pirozzi’s world tour, traveling 5 continents on a Ducati Multistrada 1200 visiting 80 DOCs (Ducati / Desmo Owners Clubs) – June 2010 to June 2011

Paolo Pirozzi, Chairman of the Ducati Dreams Club in Naples, has for many years
dreamed of making a solo round-the-world trip on a Ducati.

Ducati finally made that dream come true. On 13th June 2010, in fact, at World Ducati Week, Paolo began his long-awaited round-the-world adventure on a Ducati Multistrada 1200.

He calls it a flight and he is no stranger to this kind of experience. On October 25th 2009, he celebrated his first 300,000 km, having traveled through: Belgium, China, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, England, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain and Tunisia. His Paris to Beijing tour, also on a Ducati, the old Multistrada 620, was thanks to the Overland television programme.

Paolo’s 80 DOCs with a planned 90,000 km route, takes him from Europe to Russia, from Asia to Australia and then on to America and Nortl1 Africa, ending up back in Borgo Panigale.

Ducati is supporting the young Ducatista providing him with a brand new Multistrada 1200 Touring Edition but the Ducati Community is taking care of everything else, official Ducati Owners Clubs (Desmo Owners Clubs) around the world will welcome Paolo at various points during his journey.

Paolo’s Ducati Multistrada 1200S Touring…

Photo taken at Letko Cycles home of M.A.D.O.G- Mid-America Ducati Owners Group of Kansas City, November 2010, approaching the half way point of the trip.

Paolo has named his Multistrada, “Lidia” 🙂

Paolo’s adventure, called “Giro del Mondo in 80 DOC / World Tour in 80 DOCs”, should end in June 2011, after he’s covered up to around 100,000 Km/62.000 miles. The budget, very lean at about 80 euros per day, is intended for fuel, pay-toll roads, sea and air travel and maybe a snack and a beer of course 🙂 

“I don’t have motorcycle, I have a Ducati”!!
Paolo Pirozzi

Here’s a few photos and comments posted by Paolo along the way, just a tiny example of the content on his travelogs and photo blogs…

16Jul2010 – “It is exactly one month since Lidia and I took off on our epic flight…. which has taken us from Italy to Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Germany, then Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and on to Estonia, Latvia and now – we have landed in Russia. Moscow was the first stop on this long, Soviet section of the ride……….”

Red Square (Piazza Rossa:-)…


“…..the strength of the impact made me think I’d been hit by a bird, also because we were riding along a straight road with a forest on either side. I took off my helmet looking for some sort of clue but couldn’t see any blood. So instinctively I looked back at where we’d come from and noticed two people running towards the forest and disappearing into it. Those bastards had thrown a stone at me. For a moment I thought about running after them and making them pay for it but my right eye was too sore. Luckily Dimitri noticed a flake of paint from the helmet in my eye and extracted it straight away. The end result was a damaged helmet, the one I’d designed and had made up before I left, with my round the world trip airbrushed onto it…
The visor is not as resistant as it was and I had a real fright….
I’d already been stung on the lip by a wasp and a hit on the chin by a stone which my tyre kicked up but nothing like this. It made me think about all the victims of stone-throwing incidents from motorway bridges, which you often hear about on the news in Italy, too.”

“Another 5 km down the road and the rear tyre burst again! But this time we couldn’t repair it with the kit and worst of all, it looked like we would have to remove the tyre. Replacing it could be tricky because you don’t see many Pirelli Scorpions around these parts, and removing it wouldn’t be easy either – it would be a challenge to find a tyre fitter and if you did there was no way he would have the specific wrench you need to take off the tyre.
We were in the middle of nowhere, there was no mobile phone signal and no one on the road….”

“We’ve been at the China-Pakistan border since yesterday. Our trail across China, which bore no resemblance to the route we’d originally planned, took us through the northern part of the country, stopping off in Beijing, Datong, Zhungeerqi, Yinchuan, Jinchang, Jiayuguan, Hami, Tulufan, Wulumuqi, Kuche, Kashi and, finally, here we are at the border with Pakistan.”

As I said, that’s just a ‘taster’ of the great photos and commentary on Paolo’s own website, so now go get the full story! 🙂

One last photo………the Bride, the Groom…..and two Multistrada 1200’s 😀