Motorcycle Tyre Guide & Safety Information

Motorcycle Tyre Guide & Safety Information

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Motorcycle Tyres (Tires) – Information, Guides & Advice
There’s an awful lot of information available on the Internet regards motorcycle tyres, I’ve added a couple of links at the bottom of the page, but a good starting point is Go and checkout their website but meantime here’s a copy of their Motorcycle Tyres & Your Safety leaflet (PDF doc)

Contents listing for the above mentioned leaflet:

General Advice Choosing The Right Tyre Mixing Of Tyres Keep the Pressure Correct Running-in Tyres Motorcycle Tyre Markings Chart Inspection and MaintenanceWatch Your Tread Tyre Service Life and Ageing Tyre Load and Speed Markings Tubes Tubes in Tubeless Tyres Valves Wheels & Rims

Here’s a few extracts from the Motorcycle Tyres & Your Safety leaflet…

Tyres are the only parts of the motorcycle which are in contact with the road. Safety in acceleration, braking, steering and cornering all depend on a relatively small area
of road contact. It is therefore of paramount importance that tyres should be maintained in good condition at all times and that when the time comes to change them suitable replacements are fitted.

The original tyres for a motorcycle are determined by joint consultation between the motorcycle and tyre manufacturers and take into account all aspects of operation. It is recommended that changes in tyre size or type (construction) should not be undertaken without seeking advice from the motorcycle or tyre manufacturers, as the effect on motorcycle handling, safety and clearances must be taken into account.

The tyre industry has long recognised the consumer’s role in the regular care and maintenance of their tyres. The point at which a tyre is replaced is a decision for which the owner of the tyre is responsible.

Check for tyre (tire) damage (e.g. tears, rips and foreign objects embedded in the tyre)before every ride and check the tyre pressures are correct once a week. Keep a regular eye on the amount of tread depth remaining.

Keep the Pressure Correct
The correct tyre inflation pressure is vitally important for safe handling of the motorcycle. The recommended tyre pressures for original equipment tyres will be stated in the motorcycle owner’s manual. For fitment of aftermarket alternative tyres, advice should be sought from the tyre specialist or tyre manufacturer. Specific advice from the tyre manufacturer is recommended for tyres fitted to classic and vintage motorcycles pre 1960 where pressures quoted in original handbook may be inappropriate. An indication of maximum load at a given pressure is marked on all tyre
sidewalls, this should not be used as a recommended pressure. Pressures must be adjusted appropriately for solo and for pillion and pannier loads. It is dangerous to re-inflate a tyre which has been run flat or seriously under inflated. Such tyres should be removed for inspection by a tyre specialist.

Prolonged under-inflation causes excessive flexing, deterioration of the casing and rapid wear of the tread shoulders/edges. Your motorcycle may also consume more fuel.

Over-inflation may result in an uncomfortable ride, a reduced area of contact with the road, accelerated wear on the tread centre and makes the tyre more susceptible to impact damage.

Inflation pressures should be checked once a week when the tyre is cold, since there is an increase in pressure when the tyre has warmed up after being run. A reliable and accurate pressure gauge should be used.

Motorcycle Tyre (Tire) Markings
What do all the markings, numbers, letters and codes on a tyre wall mean?

Motorcycle Tyre (Tire) Speed Rating Markings

As I said at the outset the above is just an extract from the Motorcycle Tyres & Your Safety leaflet, download the leaflet, have a good read and make sure you visit the website.

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