‘Blue Light Aware’ Online Road Safety Video

'Blue Light Aware' Online Road Safety Video

A five-minute video that seeks to offer advice to members of the public on how best to help an emergency service driver on a ‘blue light’ run.
Video courtesy of GEM Motoring Assist – take a look at their Motoring Advice page here 😉

Another great video from GEMMotoring, “Blue Light Run” can be seen on their YouTube Channel here – this footage was produced by Paul Archer from West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service and shows an excellent example of a typical ‘shout’.

‘Blue Light Aware’ Online Road Safety Video

A NEW video 18 May 2011, ‘Blue Light Aware’ was launched by the Breakdown Organisation and Road Safety Charity GEM Motoring Assist. The five-minute video seeks to offer advice to members of the public on how best to help an emergency service driver on a ‘blue light’ run.

The advice has been based on that offered in the Highway Code and addresses specific situations identified as causing confusion for motorists.

The video production follows a three-month consultation period in which emergency service representatives and road safety professionals were invited to provide their expert comment on how each situation should be illustrated and explained. The finished video now has the support of the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Chief Fire Officers Association, the Driving Standards Agency, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, RoadSafe, the Motor Schools Association and the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

David Williams, Chief Executive of GEM Motoring Assist, who spearheaded the project, commented: “Our research showed that the vast majority of road users want to help an emergency service driver. The difficulties come because it is not always clear what they are expected to do in order to provide the best help. As a result, too many members of the public are putting themselves in danger, breaking the law or risking damage to their cars while trying to assist an emergency vehicle on a blue light run.

“The need for a new information video has been raised frequently in recent years. The Blue Light Aware resource, with the video at its core, has been developed to reduce confusion and doubt for motorists. We are pleased to be providing this information that we believe will act as a bridge of understanding between emergency service drivers and other motorists.

“Emergency service drivers make ‘blue light’ journeys because someone needs their urgent help. We in turn can help them by giving them the room they need. In so doing, we may well be helping to save a life.”