R1200GS Autocom installation in Top Box

R1200GS Autocom installation in Top Box

Install your Autocom motorcycle intercom system and/or any other electrical devices in your topbox.

BMW R1200GS Autocom Install By Nick GSclubUk’er
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Most people seem to mount their Autocom intercom system units on R1200GS motorcycles under the riders seat but without modifying the height adjustment bar I couldn’t get the seat to lock down properly. So I resorted to mounting everything in my Top Box. I thought about the tank bag option e.g. the SW MOTECH QUICK-LOCK ENGAGE TANK BAG, with built in electrical connection would be good but that meant spending more money!

I also decided theBMW System Case Top Box was more secure than a tank bag. Autocom, iPod and phone in a tank bag would make an easy snatch if you left the bike for just a few minutes.

Sounds odd maybe, installing electrical items in a Top Case but it works well and I think it has significant advantages – nice and secure, protected from the elements and it is easy to connect my phone, iPod or anything else in there as well.

I had to drill some holes holes in the TopBox, large enough so that the Autocom connectors/plugs would slide through, to allow entry of the cables but that was simple and easy to seal the cables in place. I used black silicone sealant to seal the entry holes. For the power supply I used a 4 way cigarette lighter socket thingy from Halfords installed inside the Top Box. I changed the power connector plug on it to a BMW style one and that just plugs into the standard BMW accessory socket on the frame just under the left side of the seat.

I now have 4 electrical power sockets for Autocom, iPOD, phone charger etc..

The Autocom rider and pillion leads coil up neatly under the rear seat when not in use and are easily accessible. If I go off-road or am leaving the bike somewhere unsecure then I normally remove the top box in any case and all the cables are easily taken with it. Who uses Autocom off road anyhow?!

I need to tidy the installation up at some time as you’ll see from the photos but I wanted to check it all worked first. (** Update, now done, see update further down the page)

The Autocom is great. Music and rider/pillion communication are perfectly clear even at 100mph+.

Update – As I said before, my first installation attempt was a bit untidy and I found that the cables kept getting tangled in whatever else I put in the top box, so a modification was required.

I moved the Autocom and electrics to the bottom of the Top Case and made a false base to fit in it that I can easily lift out or poke cables through if I want to keep the phone or iPod more accesible.

I guess I have lost just 3cm in depth of the Top Case (not sure about the volume!!).