BMW OEM Alarm Programming

BMW OEM Alarm Programming

BMW motorcycle alarms – R1200GS and othe BMW motorcycle models, alarm / immobiliser system.

Alarm controller/keyfob: The left button is button 1. The right button is button 2.

NB: I’m unsure of what if any changes there have been to the BMW Motorcycle Alarm system and/or operation of/instructions for use over the years – if you have information on the subject please let me know 😉

StepAction Confirmation
1Deactivate alarm function 
2Ignition ON 
3Press button 1 three times1 x acoustic acknowledgement
4Switch ignition OFF within 10 seconds 
5Press button 2 three times1 x acoustic acknowledgement
6Switch ignition ON within 10 seconds3 x acoustic acknowledgement

The programming function is now active. The number of times the LED flashes indicates the step to which you have progressed in programming.

An alarm tone sounds as confirmation when you press button 1, whereas an acknowledgement tone sounds when you press button 2.

The LED stops flashing and four acknowledgement tones sound when you complete the final step.

StepSettingButton 1Button 2
1Beep as confirmation after activation/deactivationONOFF
2Not UsedPress Button 1 or 2
3Type of acoustic alarmSwellingIntermittent
4Automatic activation of alarm function when ignition is switched offONOFF

Alarm manual (scanned to .pdf file)
R1200GS_Alarm_1-13_Binder1A.pdf (551kb)

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    The alarm on my 2019 F800GT operates exactly like this

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