R1200GS – Ohlins Shock Absorbers Installation

R1200GS – Ohlins Shock Absorbers Installation

I have my own photos and notes to add after fitting Ohlins suspension units to my R1200GS when I get time. Fundamentally the procedure is the same as described by ‘Cookie’ in his write ups on installing Wilbers shocks on his R1200GSA. There’ll be no point in my doing a blow by blow account of my install but I’ll mention a few things I did diferently and of course the slight differences re fitting to a GS as against a GSA.

R1200GSA Wilbers Front Shock installation

BMW R1200GSA Wilbers Rear Shock installation

Also Jim Vonbaden has done one of his excellent ‘how to’ pictorials on fitting Ohlins shock absorbers (suspension units / struts) to his R1200GS on BMWsportTouring.com:

Ohlins Shock install on R1200GS (Pictorial)