Trackday Based Motorcycle Training

Trackday Based Motorcycle Training

See also: IAM track based skills days programme (external link)

IAM Skills Days – Our hugely popular skills days offer stimulating learning experiences on well known, challenging circuits with IAM Instructor guidance throughout. You will enjoy at least six separate ‘on-track’ sessions in your own vehicle/bike with the focus on anticipation, cornering, planning, smoothness and understanding how your vehicle performs in a variety of situations. These skills days offer outstanding value for money compared to many other track experiences, with MORE on-track time and MORE instructor guidance than you will find elsewhere.

Trackday / Race Circuit Based Motorcycle Training

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I’m not referring to your basic day on the track where you signup, pay your money and go for it after a short ‘safety’ talk – I mean track based training where you are given guidance and feedback and get to ride with an instructor in tow. A great way to get to know your bike better in relative safety and improve your bike control and riding technique.

I’ve not been to a California Superbike School but I know a number of people that have and highly recommend anyone else to go (on my to do list 🙂
I’ll add details of other similar track based training as and when I find information or recieve recommendations:

California Superbike School – (2019 Update – Gone Bankrupt)


Uk Circuits – Silverston, Rockingham, Cadwell Park, Brands Hatch,
Pembrey, Mondello Park Ireland, Knockhill Scotland

Use your own bike or hire a Yamaha R6

The California Superbike Schools are dedicated to discovering, improving and refining the art of cornering. Corners are the challenge when you are riding a motorcycle. Corners are why we ride, corners are fun, corners are exciting, corners are where time is won and lost.
We have been teaching and coaching the art form for over 25 years to road riders, track dayers and racers alike. We have taught over 100,000 road riders, thousands of track day enthusiasts, and just as many racers at all levels including several World Champions. The Schools operate on a truly global scale, with courses in America, Australia, UK, Ireland, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Dubai and Greece.
The techniques we teach are all about cornering, nothing more, and nothing less. Everyone who rides will confess that corners are the key and we can unlock for you a new level in your cornering skills……………..

What and how we teach

The California Superbike School levels are the most effective progression of skill sets ever devised for learning the techniques of cornering. We do them the old fashioned way – one step at a time………