Multistrada 1200 / MTS1200 airbox modification

Multistrada 1200 / MTS1200 airbox modification

MTS 1200 airbox modification for “free” horsepower (bhp) and torque
By member ‘amullo’ (aka Anders) – forum post and discussion here)
Oct 2012

Nb: Larger versions of photos here.

Hey Guys!
Finally got around to writing up the report on the airbox modification that Tom at Hypertrick came up with. (

I figured the information on this modification to the air filter box intake is good for everyone as it gives free hp and torque for no cost whatsoever!

The basic theory is that you need to open up the left side of the airbox to increase airflow and change the airpulse resonance (whatever.. as long as it works right?)

Doing the modification is easy and requires Allen / hex keys for the right side fairing and the air-snout/intake channel from the nose. A dremel or similar for cutting the air intake/snout and soldering iron for the left side mod plus a good flashlight.

All the work is done from the right side/throttle side of the bike. I’ll assume that you have removed the RIGHT side fairing

Remove the curved hard plastic airchannel and cut with a Dremel cutting tool as shown.
This part of the mod actually does little to increase power.
Only 1hp, but that HP is gained in an area where there is a dip in power and torque.

The Left side mod is the one that does the actual power and torque increase.
The mod is easy and you can do it without needing to remove more then the right side fairing and airsnout (above).

Basically we are making a hole that follows the inside area of the airfilter on the left (clutch) side of the airbox.
To be able to do this without the need for massive cleanup, we use a soldering iron to “melt” the plastic.

Remove the airfilter and place a good flashlight towards the spot where the airfilter sits against the side. If you look closely, you will see an outline of the shape we need to cut. You can mark this further using a marker pen or knife if you wish.

Use the soldering iron and “burn through” the plastic. Using the soldering iron to melt the plastic, Cut out the plastic in the shape of the INSIDE area of the airfilter.
The air coming through the hole should still be cleaned by the airfilter before passing into the airfilter as long as your hole does not extend past the inner boundary of the air filter.
You may want to remove a smaller piece first and “testfit” the airfilter. Making the hole 100% isnt really needed. (see bottom right in pic below).

Photo taken from right side after refitting airfilter. The airfilter still cleans all the air to the engine still.

Dyno test chart below:
Green – Stock bike except for Termignoni slipon, Stock ECU, no mods
Red – Mapped bike before AIRBOX mod above. This is a very well put together map and the bike is silky smooth from 2000rpm to redline
BLUE – Mapped bike plus the airbox mod above.. The biggest increase was FREE and now you know how!

And for those that prefer to see torque measured in ft-lbs as against N-m…

MUCH kudos for Tom (‘tomtom’) at Hypertrick for doing this for me and letting me spread the word. He doesn’t care that much for gold and really had no problem with me posting detailed info for everyone to enjoy 😀

As the MTS1200 with OEM setup (i.e. from the Ducati factory) tends to run ‘lean’, particularly above 8000 rpm it is necessary to have the fuel mixture adjusted i.e. needs to be made ‘richer’ by means of a PCV (Power Commander), or remapped ECU ideally on a Dyno.

For further comments see the original forum post and discussion here.