Multistrada 1200 MTS1200 – OEM Semi-Mudguard Kit & DIY Fender Extender

Multistrada 1200 MTS1200 – OEM Semi-Mudguard Kit & DIY Fender Extender

Sometimes practicality takes precedence over looks and as I want to keep my Multistrada 1200S in great condition I fitted the optional rear section for the front mudguard to give some protection to the front of the engine and radiator from grit, stones and debris that the front tyre may throw up.

See further down for my DIY alternative to a fender extender to give even more protection. For now the DIY solution is the only way to go as there are no after market parts/accessories manufacturer that have either an extended front mudguard rear section or a fender extender in production.

There’s actually a section in the Ducati Multistrada 1200 Owners Manual (download a PDF version here) covering installation of the OE front mudguard extension (Ducati refer to it as the semi-mudguard kit). What the manual says…

Important To fit the from semi-mudguard kit, ALWAYS contact a Ducati Dealer or Authorised Service Centre.
Remove the pipe grommet (1, fig. 159) unscrewing the two screws (2, fig. 159).

Tools – 4mm Allen key 
Undoing the screws is actually quite awkward as they’re hidden behind the brake line and it’s difficult to hold that out the way and access the screw heads.

Position the front semi-mudguard kit (3) on the front mudguard, housing the front brake pipe (4) and the front phonic wheel cable (5) as shown in the figure (fig. 161).
Fasten the slot (A) in the fissure in the front mudguard (1) and start the two previously removed screws (2). Tighten the two screws (2) to a torque of 3.5 Nm ± 10%

Even more awkward is refitting those screws! Whilst holding the loose mudguard extension in place, pushing aside the brake line and fitting the screws is almost impossible – I put the screws through the corresponding holes in the extension piece before putting it in place and eventually got it aligned and the screws fastened. TBH a spare pair of hands will make this job a LOT easier 😉

The removed brake line holder and the front mudguard rear section that incorporates the same system to hold the brake line…

Multistrada 1200 Front Mudguard DIY ‘Fender Extender’ (mini mudflap!)

At the moment (June 2010) there are no after market parts / accessories manufacturers that have either a replacement extended front mudguard rear section of a fender extender to attach to the Ducati part. Here’s my temporary fix until something better comes along…..ok imho 🙂

A good quality small ‘rubber’ (high density…fairly stiff;-) mudflap from eBay (£11.48! – rather expensive for what it is but couldn’t find anything better).
Universal Motorcycle Mudguard Mudflap Fender Extender….made from a Die-Cut, High Quality, durable, flexible, 3mm Polyurethane as used for the very best Rally Car Mudflaps. It will provide up to 75mm extension to any fender. Overall dimensions are 145mm wide x 135mm long.

I glued the mudflap to the mudguard using ‘impact adhesive’ (one of those that gives you a few seconds to move/align the parts;-) – it’s worth spending some time beforehand measuring and making a few pencil alignment marks so you get the mudflap square(!) and drill the two holes for the small fixing bolts.

Once I’d put the glued parts together I packed up underneath (the topside i.e. with the mudguard upside down) the mudguard with an old towel and sat a bag of sand to press the rubber mudflap into place and hold it there whilst the glue cured properly.

Job done, I don’t think it looks too bad at all…

And fitted to the bike (better photo to come!!)…