Wunderlich Jararaca R1200GS

The BMW motorcycle accessories firm Wunderlich is well know for it’s huge range of accesories and modified parts for the R1200GS and other BMW motorcycle models and produced this stunning Wunderlich Jararaca R1200GS.

BMW R1200GS 'special' - R1200GS Jararaca by Wunderlich
Wunderlich R1200GS Jararaca (1200GS Jararaca)

There’s a reason this conversion for the 1200 GS bears the name of one of the deadliest snakes of south America! The extremely agile reptile features a unique, dynamic design with the shortened “beak”, wide tapered handle bars and a short windshield. The stylish tank covers with the optional integrated lights give this conversion added “street” credibility. The conversion leaves enough scope for further individualisation of the bike. First introduced at the 2004 Intermot exhibition, this concept has surpassed our wildest dreams!  

The engine will be good for a few surprises as well: The combination of Remus Silencer, Sport Header Pipes as well as the Boxer Boost cam shaft together with additional fine tuning (Performance Controller, Blue Filter) does not add only power and torque but also a noticeably better throttle response.

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The Wunderlich R1200GS brochure (pdf doc 13.7mb)

Chekoslovakian R1200GS ‘Jararaca’
(don’t hold it against me….I have a thing about orange bikes!:-)

And here’s some artwork from the product design specialist that was involved in the Wunderlich Jararaca project (http://www.b-art.nl)

Details of more Wunderlich BMW custom motorbike special editions (pdf doc – 3mb) featuring:

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