Multistrada 1200 / MTS1200 Ohlins Suspension SCU – Upgrade to Semi-active Suspension Control

Multistrada 1200 / MTS1200 Ohlins Suspension SCU – Upgrade to Semi-active Suspension Control

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Ohlins Suspension Control Unit (SCU) upgrade – Installation and Setup (below;-)

A couple of Ohlins rear suspension images I don’t think I’ve included elsewhere:

Multistrada 1200 rear electronic suspension – Ohlins TTX36 / TTX DU8600

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Ohlins Suspension Control Unit (SCU) upgrade – Installation and Setup

NB: See below, for PDF install / fitting instructions and installation and set-up videos

MTS1200 Ohlins SCU (suspension ECU) unit details:

♦ Part No 35000-03

♦ Retail price – £207.60 + VAT (RRP July 2013)

♦ Fits Ducati Multistrada 1200 S, 2010-2012

♦ Semi active suspension

♦ Twice the adjustment range

♦ Easy plug-and-play installation

♦ Integrates with original Multistrada dashboard

Once the electrical connector block from the bike’s wiring loom is disconnected from the OE SCU removing the rubber mounting complete with the SCU / ECU makes life much easier removing the SCU from the mount and installing the new unit – just snip the cable ties and the rubber mounting pulls away from the sub-frame rails (make sure you have replacements for the cable ties!).

I don’t think there’s need for further comment, everything you need to know is in the Ohlins installation guide below and there are the two videos for further clarification.

NB: Do head the warning in the instructions to disconnect the bikes battery BEFORE disconnecting the OE SCU 😉
This allows the Öhlins SCU to be integrated into the bike’s electronics system. After installing the Öhlins SCU and re-connecting the battery the electronics system will be able to recognise the Öhlins SCU and will not send out any error codes, etc.
It is also a wise precaution to prevent any possible damage to sensitive electronic items such as the suspension control unit.

Ohlins SCU Installation & Set-up Guide (PDF)

DES Setting Function (Ducati Electronic Suspension) (PDF – extract from the MTS1200 Owners Handbook / Manual)