Carcoon Bikebubble – the ideal motorcycle storage / protection system

Carcoon Bikebubble – the ideal motorcycle storage / protection system

Bikebubble ultimate motorcycle protection / storage system

The best way to protect your motorcycle from damp, corrosion, mildew, dings, dents, scratches, dust, pets and children!

Carcoon Bikebubbles – motorcycle storage / protection systems.
The Bike Bubble is the ultimate storage solution for your cherished machine, be it a classic or a super bike. It’s unique active airflow process along with optional battery management system and other advanced features set a new standard in motorcycle care.
Available in two sizes in both indoor and outdoor types. Special size units also available. For the serious motorbike collector consider the Drive-in Carcoon, as it allows a number of bikes to be stored in an extremely controlled environment.

Bikebubble ultimate motorcycle storage protection
  • Isolate from the constantly changing temperature and humidity of the ambient environment.
  • Stabilise by removing excess moisture, fuel/oil vapor and other contaminates from within the mini environment.
  • Ventilate using the patented Active Airflow Concept.
  • Circulate isolated circulation within using Activated Carbon Filters under pressure.

Bikebubble creates a mini protective environment around the bike. Within the storage environment air is continually re-circulated using Activated Carbon filters. The result of this inner circulation means the bike is effectively stored in its own clean room and protected from the elements during the damp winter months. We have two sizes of Bikebubble available with two colour options- clear with regal red trim or clear with royal blue trim. Solid colours are also available i.e. no clear panels at all.

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Bikebubble - protects your motorcycle in storage
Bikebubble ultimate motorcycle storage solution
Bikebubble - protect your motorcycle from damp, dust and more...

Bikebubble – essential motorcycle storage solution…
Motorcycle not used for weeks at a time? ~ Keep your classic / restored motorcycle in A1 condition ~ More effective and a lot less effort than typical processes for winterising (winterizing) a motorcycle….the ultimate motorcycle storage solution.