Multistrada 1200 Centre Stand Removal / Fitting

Multistrada 1200 Centre Stand Removal / Fitting

By AndyW 13Jan2011

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The Standard non ‘S’ version of the Multistrada 1200 and the Multistrada Sport don’t have center stands (centrestands) fitted at the factory although a centre stand kit is available as an option from Ducati Dealers (no instructions included of course!).

If you buy a centrestand kit to fit to your Multistrada 1200 / 1200S Sport the following information may be of help. Additionally, to carry out an engine oil change the centrestand has to be removed if fitted to allow removal of the belly pan base plate! Removal of the centrestand is not necessarily as easy as you might imagine!

Centrestand Torque Settings (see torque settings lists here):
Stand Pivot Bolts / Tasteners (8mm hex/Allen socket bit tool required) – 18Nm
(pre-applied threadlock)
[thanks to Martin at Ducati Glasgow for finding this elusive torque setting]

Not applicable here but just for info, Sidestand torque settings:
Stand Plate Fixing Screw – 43Nm (pre-applied threadlock)
Stand Fastening Nut- 20Nm
Stand Sensor Bolt – 5Nm (pre-applied threadlock)

Taking the stand off appears simple, the two pivot bolts to remove and a double spring (one small spring inside a larger spring). The double spring isn’t a problem, leave it in place and remove the two pivot bolts first and it falls off. Once the bolt on the spring side is loosened/removed the stand slides forward and the tension of the springs is reduced. The springs either fall off or are easily removed by hand.
HOWEVER!….it’s very likely you’ll have some difficulty undoing the two pivot bolts as the bolts are installed at the factory with lots of ‘thread lock’ compound (the fully hardening type, often red in colour e.g. red Loctite – I don’t see why the semi hardening green/blue type compound wouldn’t have been used?!).

Many Multistrada 1200 owners have have experienced difficulty removing the pivot bolts (for example see this discussion on the forum). The answer is the careful application of heat or the use of an impact driver / wrench…

“…used a brazing torch to warm them up. Didn’t take much heat but they spun out quick and easy after that

“…I had the same problem removing those damned bolts! An air driven impact wrench on MAX wouldn’t budge the things! I had to use a heat gun for a few minutes, then the impact wrench, to break them free

Remember, this is another of the very many service/maintenance tasks that Ducati recommend is carried out by an Authorised Ducati Dealer!

To fit / refit the centrestand, install the double spring first and the two bolts…this will be easier with someone else to hold the loose stand in place whilst you refit the pivot bolts;-)

The center stand bolts actually thread into the center stand itself, not the mounting lugs on the bikes subframe. There are holes in the engine casing and the center stand bolts have smooth pivot parts that slip through the lugs.

If you take the center stand off, remember to grease the lugs that the pivot bolts slide through (and maybe the pivot part of the pivot bolt) before refitting it and use a little Red Loctite on the bolt threads! There was a safety recall (servive bulletin) for the center stand on some MTS 1200’s because the bolts had been fitted at the factory without Red Loctite.

  • Tom says:

    G’day Andy,

    I just managed to destroy one of the mounting/pivot bolts on my center stand whilst re-torqueing it. My service manual has a TQ spec for the pivot bolt of 70nm, quite a lot more than the 18nm you have listed here. I TQ’d one side up to 70nm fine, but on the other side the lip of the bolt sheared off totally… I wondered where you got the 18nm spec from? Perhaps my service manual is in error. I’ve ordered a new bolt and want to make sure the stand is secure whilst also not destroying the $30 bolt!

    Appreciate any help,


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