Multiistrada 1200 MTS1200 – How to disable ABS

Multiistrada 1200 MTS1200 – How to disable ABS

Scroll down for the ‘Flash’ animation of how to switch off the ABS in all modes on the Ducati Multistrada 1200S (ABS is standard on the Sport and Touring models, an optional extra on the basic 1200) (from

What is ABS? – Motorcycle Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
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ABS was first developed in 1929 for aircraft and entered into general use on automobiles in the 70’s. In 1981 BMW introduced ABS on a motorcycle. Early in the 21st century, ABS is now becoming more routinely available on motorcycles, either as standard equipment or as an option.

But what the heck is ABS? To begin with, an Anti-Lock Braking System incorporates computerized sensors to determine when a wheel is on the verge of locking-up. It then gives instant instructions to the brakes to release and re-apply braking pressure (pumping) a whole bunch of times per second, while you are steadily engaging the brakes.

What results is slowing and/or stopping without skidding. (A skidding tire has less traction than one that is not skidding).

And they are very easy to use. In an emergency situation on an ABS bike, just apply the brakes hard! Do not manually pump your brakes. Aggressive braking will initiate the ABS system automatically and the rider can concentrate on the immediate threat — and not the brakes.

That’s the good news. On the other hand, many experienced riders (very experienced!!) can bring their non-ABS bike to a stop faster than an ABS equipped bike, by way of well-practiced, efficient, front and rear braking — particularly on clean, dry pavement. The question is can you do that under the stress of a life-threatening, panic-braking scenario? And even more to the point, how refined are your emergency braking skills on wet or dirty roads??!!

There are times at which it could be beneficial to disable the ABS system on your Multistrada 1200 e.g. off-road riding on particularly loose terrain, track days (for those proficient at hanging the back end out into corners ;-0 )

In gravel, sand and deep snow, ABS tends to increase braking distances. On these surfaces, locked wheels dig in and stop the vehicle more quickly. ABS prevents this from occurring.

Multistrada 1200S / 1200ABS – Disabling ABS

You can check whether the ABS system is on by looking at the relevant control panel indicator light on the dashboard. When it flashes the system is OFF

Right click and select ‘Play’ to restart 😉