BMW R1200GS Handling & Suspension

BMW R1200GS Handling & Suspension

BMW R1200GS handling and suspension – wheels, suspension, steering etc: servicing, maintenance and modifications.

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ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment)
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Öhlins Electronic Adjustable Shock Absorber System – An overview of Öhlins’ replacement suspension kit for any R1200GS already fitted with BMW ESA

Always refer to the relevant manufacturers instructions and/or BMW workshop manual – usual warnings apply! Disclaimer

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There’s a variety of ‘bar risers’ available for the R1200GS from various sources such as Touratech, Nippy Norman etc but they’re limited by a fixed rise and/or setback. However these ‘pivoting’ bar risers from ROX are more practical in that you can alter their position forwards or backwards via the rotational mounting points allowing you to find the right riding position that suits you best.

BMW R1200GS Handling & Suspension – see the links to the left and below

Ohlins Shock Absorbers Fitting

Rear Wheel Carrier / Brake Disk Flange

Renthal Bars Installation

Renthal Bars – fitting OEM Bar end weights

R1200GS Steering Damper Install

R1200GSA Rox Risers Install

Wilbers Front Shock Installation

Wilbers Rear Shock Installation