Convert GPS Tracks to GPS Routes

Convert GPS Tracks to GPS Routes

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Changing your GPS Sat Nav Tracks to Routes
By ‘bert’ Feb2008 on the Wanderlust Worldmap forum

I am often asked how to change someone’s tracks to a route one can use.
Problem stems from the low storage of tracks (20 in my 276C GPS). Even if you store tracks on say a mini SD card such as in the 60CSX, there is no way that these can actually be used from within the unit.
If you are one person like me who does not carry a lap top on the road it’s a real pain in the proverbial…

One major shortfall in MapSource is that there is no facility to convert these tracks to routes. (really Garmin – come on chaps!)

Here is a solution for you:

  1. Save the Mapsource file containing the tracks as a .gbx format
  2. Download and install the free version of GPS TrackMaker
  3. You will then be able to : open the .gbx file, compress the track/s more (you choose) and create a route ! (amongst loads of other features)
  4. Save the file again as .gbx format
  5. and upload route to your gps the normal way

Just a word though – Route waypoints actually count towards the total number of waypoints your unit can hold. So, think about the terrain and ask yourself if you really need a waypoint every….. whatever!
Best way is to look at the tracks, look at their length and time taken to cover the distance and check the profile too – that will give you a better idea!

On Route Motorcycle Trip Planner – this route planning software is what Garmin’s MapSource should have been, is the best solution for TomTom users and ideal even if you don’t use a GPS SatNav system!


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