GS-911 Diagnostic Tool for BMW Motorcycles

GS-911 Diagnostic Tool for BMW Motorcycles

Nov2012 – GS-911 is now Windows 8 ready!


Turn your PC, laptop or mobile phone into a powerful fault-finding tool for your BMW motorcycle.

You’ll find a basic outline of what can be done with this great device here but for full details, the latest additions to functionality and a more in depth look at it’s capabilities/uses visit:

Maintain and service your own BMW motorcycle?
Planning to travel where there’s no BMW Motorcycle Dealership in the area?
Just want piece of mind?
The GS-911, an indispensable device for many BMW motorcycle owners…

The GS-911 is not just an
emergency diagnostic tool but a
fully capable service tool!
Details here:
See here for the latest updates and developments
GS-911 ‘Roadmap’
Read & clear fault codes View sensor values – live Reset service reminders Component function test
Robust & compact – only 85g Excellent for field diagnostics Android & Blackberry support Runs on WinXP & Win7

Imagine for a moment you had a short-circuit in one of your ignition coils. The BMS-K (engine controller) will protect itself by switching off the power to the injectors, ignition coils etc… This means No Fuel and No Spark… and without it, your motorcycle is not going anywhere!

If only you had a GS-911…

Reading the fault codes would show you the following:
Fuse Activated for Component Block 3 (Injectors, Ignition Coils, Immo (EWS) reader coil and starter relay)
Guess where you should start fault-finding? Have a look at the demo video below.

The GS-911 is available in 2 versions, USB only or
USB with Bluetooth connectivity

This product is absolutely brilliant. I have now got the complete electrical/electronic side of my R1200GS covered, ready for the inevitable future fault of sensors etc. If anyone reading this is considering purchasing, do so now, you wont regret it. It is so simple to use, anyone can diagnose the problem. I disconnected various sensors and threw many faults…the GS-911 picked them all up and described exactly what area the problems were in. Thanks for a superb reasonably priced piece of kit. Andrew, UK

Hex Code’s GS-911 is a Diagnostic Tool for BMW Motorcycles (virtually all ‘modern’ BMW motorcycles – see below) – a specialised tool consisting of an intelligent electronic interface in combination with MS Windows software that connects to your PC or Laptop via a USB port. Also available is mobile software for most mobile phones, including Blackberry…this in particular makes the tool portable enough to take on any trip. In the true spirit of adventure associated with your motorcycle, the GS-911 tool is also available with a Bluetooth interface, allowing you to use it with most modern mobile phones (including Blackberry)… no need for anything else!

The GS-911 Emergency Diagnostic Tool
There are 2 models to choose from the USB version which will work with your laptop and windows software and a USB/Bluetooth version which will run on your laptop or most modern mobile phones which makes it a truly portable device for those long trips with some peace of mind if trouble does strike.

Worked as advertised. The fuel controller died last December. I could run the pump direct but pump got fried as well. Fault read as below;
10443: Fuse for Fuel-pump, activated
10167: Output stage to Electric Fuel Pump
Fault codes read and cleared. Good product!

Inyang, Nigeria, R1200GS

The GS-911 is a unique software and hardware combination that allows the BMW motorcycle enthusiast the ability to communicate with his or her motorcycle’s control modules in a safe and controlled manner to check fault codes, troubleshoot faults and diagnose the cause of problems with the bike or breakdowns.

The GS-911 is compatible with the following BMW motorcycles:

R-Series: HP2, HP2 Megamoto, R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure, R1200RT, R1200R, R1200ST, R1200S, R1150GS/Adventure, R1150RT, R1150R, R1150RS (single and twin-spark on all models), R1100S (single and twin-spark)
K-Series: K1200GT, K1200R, K1200R Sport, K1200S, K1200LT (non-CAN), K1200GT (non-CAN), K1200RS (non-CAN)
F-Series: F800S, F800ST, F800GS, F650CS, F650GS, F650GS/Dakar (single- and twin-spark on all models)
G-Series: G650 XChallenge, G650 XCounty, G650 XMoto
C-Series: C1, C1-200
NB: Please refer to the Function-Model-Matrix (Function Chart), as support for other models is continuously being added!

Well done guys! I can now read my ABS codes and clear them on my 04 1150gs Adv. PS Can’t praise this product enough! Mario, UK

What systems does it cover?

This depends on the bike model, but in general we cover the following:

  • Engine controller (BMS-K, BMS-KP, BMS-C, BMS-CII, MA2.4, KMS-K16)
  • ABS (ABS-II, ABS-N, Integral-ABS, Integral-ABS-CAN, Integral-ABS2-CAN, ABS8, ABS8MOC)
  • Central Vehicle Electronics (ZFE-Basic (low, mid, high), ZFE-Low, ZFE-High(full, no-ESA, ESA-only))
  • Instrument cluster (Kombi-H, Kombi-L, Kombi-7x, Kombi-2D)

Note: Not all motorcycles have all the systems. Please reference the Function Model Matrix (Function Chart) to see exactly what systems as covered on the individual models

Upcoming systems:

DWA/RDC : Anti-Theft Alarm and Tyre Pressure Control
Remember, the GS911 is fully upgradable with new functionality – all you have to do is download the latest software/firmware to take advantage of new features as they become available!
GS-911 Roadmap

What functionality does it have?

  • Read Diagnostic Fault Codes
    This shows the Fault codes and text descriptions of the faults stored on the Electronic Control Unit.
  • Shows ECU information
    See hardware and software versions, manufacturing dates, and other manufacturer related data.
  • Clears Diagnostic Fault Codes
    Enables you to erase fault codes once the problem has been fixed.
  • Real-time Analog and Digital values for Engine control units
    view and log the real-time values (very dependent on the type of controller)

GS-911 Brochure

GS-911 Introduction & Quick Demo Video

For more information, FAQs, How-To’s, Tutorials, Manuals and other Links and to download the mobile device compatibility verifier (where approp) visit:

The GS-911 software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Mobile 5&6, Java enabled mobile phones and BlackBerry

I received my GS911 this morning, followed Stephan’s install instructions for the new BlackBerry application, and had a seamless bluetooth connection between my BB Pearl 8100 (T-Mobile) and the GS911 in no time at all.
What a GREAT device!!!
I had a headlight burn out this past weekend. While running the the Electronics Controller Fault Code program the fault was identified, and the GS911 found that the fault had been corrected. An option was then given to clear the fault code. A press of the “pearl” and the code was cleared.??? Frank, USA, ’06 R1200GSA

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    Does this also reset the service light

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    Will this let me activate the new tpm’s I installed with new tires. The old tpm batteries were dying.

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