Garmin Zumo 550/500 Motorcycle GPS Sat Nav

Garmin Zumo 550/500 Motorcycle GPS Sat Nav


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The ZŨMO series motorcycle navigators are available in different versions and price ranges. The basic operation are the same but differences can be found in the extra features and functions such as bluetooth or MP3 and the supplied accessories.
A full list of features, “what’s in the box” and functions can be found on: Version comparisons on

Note that ‘branded’ Zumo versions, currently available from BMW, Honda, Suzuki and Harley-Davidson/Buell have their own different feature sets and do differ from standard Garmin units. These units may look very similar to existing Garmin Zũmo’s but they do have different functions or specifications to non-branded Garmin Zũmo’s. For example BMW and Honda Zũmo’s are not compatible with the normal Garmin Firmware! However, the Harley-Davidson/Buell branded model is compatible with the standard firmware. [more info]

Garmin Zumo owners discussion group covering all aspects of using your Zumo and Garmins mapping software, MapSource
Garmin Zūmo® GPS Wiki – FAQ ‘how to’ articles and information on the Garmin Zūmo® range of SatNavs: Zumo 400, 450, 500 and 550 motorcycle GPS receivers.
New resource (Jun2008) by ECM (Ton) of ZumoForums & ukGSer ECM has put together a wikispaces website for gathering information about Zumo’s. This is also the place for FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (and answers!) from Zumoforums.
The GarminZumo WikiSpaces Website is continuing to build and serves as the Zumo forum’s “knowledgebase”. Anyone can view these WikiSpaces (without registering) but you can also become a writer/editor yourself if you like!! (you have to register at WikiSpaces). Together we can build and maintain the worlds best Zumo resouce. Please help in creating the GarminZumo WikiSpaces at the Garmin Zumo WikiSpaces Website

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Zumo 550 Updates & Downloads (as at 15Mar2010)
Update Unit Software with WebUpdater
Use WebUpdater to automatically keep your operating software current.
Latest Unit Software
Unit Software
◦Road Tech zumo Ver. 4.40 as of Aug 12, 2008 | Download
◦zumo 550 Ver. 4.80 as of Sep 22, 2009 | Download

WebUpdater Updates & Downloads (as at 15Mar2010)
WebUpdater For Legacy Windows Operating Systems (Pre Windows 2000), Ver. 2.4.0, as of Dec 20, 2006
WebUpdater For Mac, Ver. 2.0.6, as of Apr 23, 2009
WebUpdater for Windows, Ver. 2.4.2, as of Apr 22, 2009

Garmin WebUpdater

MapSource software version 6.15.11 as of Feb 01, 2010 Download
CARE: check resources such as GarminZumo WikiSpaces and/or The ZumoForums for discussions on latest versions of MapSource before downloading/installing updated versions – there have been known to be stability/performance issues with some version releases in the past 😉

iQue 3600 World-Wide Basemap software version 3.01 as of April 7, 2004  Download

Zumo 550 Manuals:
Important Safety and Product Information Sheet
Multilingual Important Product and Saftey Information
Owner’s Manual
Quick Reference Guide
SaversGuide(R) Rules of Use
Declaration of Conformity
Installation Guide
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