BMW GS Owners Map

BMW GS riders around the world
F650GS R65GS R80GS R100GS R850GS R1100GS R1150GS R1200GS
Adv / Adventure HP2

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Put yourself on the map – find fellow GS riders in your locality or areas you’ll be visiting on tour. Need a contact in a specific area? – find a GS rider in any area/location around the world!

BMW GS Owners Map (wef Mar2010 Frappr closed down and the map is no more! 🙁  If anyone can recommend a similar alternative FREE online facility pleasecontact me)

Frappr! Maps give Web site owners and visitors an easy and unique way to visualize and interact with each other. Visitors can add their name, photo and message directly on a Web page embedded with Frappr! Maps.

NB: Although you can enter your location by postal (zip) code I don’t recommend that you’re that specific – simply enter your location by the nearest town/city/district name.