R1200GS Extended Warranty & Warranty Insurance Policies

R1200GS Extended Warranty & Warranty Insurance Policies

The warranty on a new BMW R1200GS covers a period of 2 years (unlimited mileage I think) in the UK. In the US warranty is for 3 years or 36000 miles which will mean the majority of owners will be better off……usual poor cousins treatment for us Brits, BMW Motorrad should offer the choice! 🙁

If the warranty on your New or Approved Used BMW Motorcycle is coming to an end, BMW Motorrad Insured Warranty can help protect you against the cost of repairs and replacement parts should something unexpectedly go wrong.
BMW Motorrad Insured Warranty protects against mechanical and electrical breakdown for a specific list of your bike’s components.


BMW Motorrad Insured Warranty Motorcycle cover details: Details of cover

Download the Policy Handbook (v 02/2008) – PolicyHandbook_Motorrad_Warr_UK.pdf

Cost seems to vary from time to time but at present (July2008) the cost is as low as it’s ever been from £310 for 12 months cover. This could be very good value if you have a major problem such as gearbox oil seal leak, final drive failure and so on!

BMW Motorrad Insured Warranty is available for BMW bikes with mileage up to 80,000 miles (at the time of purchasing the warranty).

Needless to say, read the small print (terms and conditions of cover, exclusions, what is covered etc) before purchasing the BMW Extended Warranty or one of the alternative Insured Warranty Policies available from other companies. Be aware that I believe that ant warranty may be invalidated by off road use of the bike!

TIP: Search forums such as ukGSer.com, GSclubUK.org, ADVRider.com for topics discussing BMW Motorcycle Warranty.

Alternatives to the extended BMW warranty:
An important point to consider – insurance backed guarantee/warranty schemes are likely to be more specific about what they cover or more importantly, what they don’t cover. They are after all simply ‘insurance’ policies or contracts of indemnity. A guarantee/warranty from a manufacturer can be more flexible as they (and they alone) can make an allowance for goodwill gestures, individual circumstances etc.

I cannot personally recommend any of the following companies but they have been mentioned by R1200GS owners on the forums mentioned above

Our experience providing motorbike and motorcycle warranties for BMWs, through our association with the BMW Club, has encouraged us to extend our warranty cover to other makes and models…

As bikes become more sophisticated and repairs more costly one of our warranties can help you keep expenses under control…